In For Hannity Today! 3-5pm – WSB

Honored to fill this slot. Much to discuss while our sovereignty hangs in the balance this week regarding immigration reform along with the recent ruling on Obamacare that could affect many of you, including my own daughter with a pre-existing condition.

Sure to be a fun-filled, passionate show! Look forward to hearing from YOU! Taking your calls LIVE 3-5pm EST

What are your thoughts on building the wall, Congress shenanigans on this final week of getting it done?

How will the new Obamacare ruling affect your personal health insurance needs?

Got solutions to share? CALL in!

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  • Jill kelleher says:

    Aw! So refreshing to hear from a conservative woman that expresses her opinion of all things politics. Heard you on Hannity today and look forward to listening to your podcasts.

  • m c bores says:

    Great show! Can you furnish the gofundme page for donating to the wall if Congress won’t do it?

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