I Would Walk The Earth To Be With You

How many love songs have the sentiment ‘I would do anything, travel anywhere etc… to be with you’?

Well, Jesus did.

He traveled across eternity to share a glimpse of time with us to carry us into his eternal heart. No one will ever love you like that. Not even your kids.

When I allow myself to feel the magnitude of that, it can feel overwhelming. But that wave of emotions I can’t contain usually comes at a time when I’ve been humbled by life. Those moments I’m ready to get real and honest about my sin and trust that he is indeed faithful and just to forgive and cleanse me from all unrighteousness when I confess my sins. This is relationship 101. And that is what he’s calling us to.

Scaryville. Many of us say we want intimacy, but the thought of it really scares the  mess out of us. The sacrifice that will need to be made. But you have to ask yourself, what are you really giving up? Why all the fear?

What’s the benefit of holding on to your pride, accomplishments, ideas, preservation, if it all leads to separation from an eternal God of love, wisdom, knowledge, peace, safety, creativity, truth?

The enemy of our souls would have us trembling at the thought of surrendering to our first love. It’s not personal. He simply hates God. Always has. Completed the first successful political campaign and garnered 1/3 of the vote of angels. But Jesus is still campaigning and we know what those results yield.

There is a place in all of us that yearns to apprehend the unexplainable. We seek answers in all forms of mediums and yet land in bed at night with nothing short of a list of tasks left undone or checked off, accusations toward the less fortunate in the intelligence department, fear that somehow we won’t live out our days to see all our hopes realized and worse, a sense of who really cares about my needs and hopes and dreams? Not the picture of REST.

We WRESTle with our flesh and with an enemy unseen while missing every opportunity to seek the divine truth of ourselves and our abject frailty to accomplish any good outside of a good GOD. There is a better way.

He came, he saw, he conquered and for one reason: YOU.

He is the oil to your lamplight, he is the answer to every question pertaining to you, he is the life in your death, he is the air of your breath and the salt of your tears. He knows. All. Everything you think, feel, say or do. And he still came for one reason: YOU.

I pray your apprehension surpasses comprehension to an unwavering resolve that in a  world of shifting sands, one truth remains; Only one faith embodies the humility of GOD coming for his creation and that’s through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus The Christ, with one purpose in mind: YOU.

Say yes to GOD and rest. Freedom is his banner of love he sings over you.





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