Elections- A Matter Of Human Rights?

If government is a godly construct, wouldn’t it stand to reason that by that same standard, godly governance begins at the election grid? 

Many nations around the globe can attest to the human suffering that occurs at the hands of ungodly rulers led by greed and lust. Human voices silenced by oppressors unimaginable to most Americans, outside of a movie screen. 

Perhaps this is why a segment of the nation wishes to criminalize those who are avowed to election integrity and solving the election grid failure of 2020. 

The “dissenters, election deniers, privileged ones” who by virtue of working to secure the freedom of ALL Americans, are somehow now lobbed into the bottom of a sinking Jim Crow narrative vessel. 

I submit to you, the election process of any nation, is a sacred event. An endowment of the Author of liberty to the inhabitants of the earth of which He gave dominion. A safe, fair, and legal election is not the only the foundation of governance as a matter of critical infrastructure,  it’s the birthplace of all policy subjected to the laws of liberty, due process, justice and life. 

There cannot be human rights without the right of the human to CHOOSE liberty. 

Monica Matthews 
The Monica Matthews Show – Life, Love & Liberty 

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  • Kate says:

    I firmly believe we will never have a free and fair election again. I am not being a Debbie downer I am being realistic. Did you ever ask yourself how these politicians stay in office for 40+ years and never do anything for their constituents? They don’t even live in the districts they represent because they have run them into the ground. The cheating has been going on for years and in 2020 they over shot the mark and got caught, not by the “officials” because they are part of it, but by the American people. We witnessed it and they still call us conspiracy theorist and liars, “don’t believe your eye and ears, believe what I tell you”. I have very little faith this will be corrected or changed in 2022 or 2024.

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