Choices- RNC Begins

Today marks the beginning of the Republican National Convention. Some 350 delegates meeting in Charlotte, NC to choose their Presidential Nominee, Donald J Trump.

Roll call was nothing short of inspirational, informative and at times, comical. One word came to mind: resolved. An emotional resolve precipitated by months of thoughtful dialogue, culminated in standing in unanimity to ensure the nation does not fall into the hands of Joe Biden and his lecherous sidekick, Kamala.

Choices. Delegates and present and those represented by proxy, made choices along the last four year path that will decide the fate of the nation as leadership goes. Our electoral college counts on folks who choose to invest time, talent and treasure to ensure the electorate is accountable for the election of our President. Without these folks, Hillary Clinton would be the incumbent. Nightmarish indeed.

President Trump surprised the roll call participants this morning with an impromptu visit to the podium to remind us all of the sacred nature of our vote. He opined that some Americans will receive ballots who didn’t even know they could cast a vote, thanks to a corrupt mail-in system assured to pose a threat to the integrity of this year’s election. He reminded us of what a disservice it is to allow someone to vote who could not care less about exercising their willful choice to do so. I agree.

Choices. Seems we don’t have much choice about how we go about our days lately between masks and COVID ‘recommendations’. It feels like the thieves of liberty are upon us with the constant assault on our peace, joy and liberty.

We are faced with making choices to overcome these obstacles by sheer will and hope. Hope that all is not lost as our next four years will need to be the years of stockpiling. Storing the cupboards of our minds and souls with truth and expectation. With honesty and clarity about the enemy within our borders. It will be the time to carefully choose what we will value both as a nation and individuals.

I want to encourage you to tune in as often as possible this week to every network and online programming covering the RNC. A good ol’ fashioned pep rally before the game always got us excited on Friday afternoons. Restore those beat down reserves of enthusiasm and celebration by joining your fellow patriots this week who made the choice to represent you, to fight for you. Those willing to make sacrifices for us to still have a choice. Let’s make this week count!

Choose Wisely fellow patriots!



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