Active Shooter USC- The Phone Call You Never Want From Your Child

Directly after posting my podcast for tonight, I received a call from daughter, she was panicked and audibly distraught. Her friend was in the path of yet another maniac carrying out Satan’s orders of death, hell and destruction on her campus.

An active shooter on campus. The call you never want from your child. Ever.

My next steps:

EXACTLY what I share in my podcast tonight. I began with my MOUTH.

MY AUTHORITY IN CHRIST JESUS & MY FAITH. Comforting my baby first, then turning my direction to the little turd on campus running amok and for the safety of all Police, students and staff. No time like the present to be faced with what you preach. Good lord. Still searching the campus as I type this.

So, this is the time people. We are at war. From within, without and as always, in the places unseen. But we have no reason to let our hearts fail us now. None.

Educate your child on action steps in the event of satan showing up at their campus through one of his many zombies, pray daily over them and their campuses and above all.. DO NOT FEAR.

I’m 2200 miles away from a tearful, afraid ‘child’ hiding from a gunman… but Satan forgot one thing; I am armed with the knowledge that there is no distance in the spirit and this mama has an army to call upon that has ALL authority and the gates of hell shall not prevail against my Father’s kingdom or my daughter.

Amen and Amen.


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