Our Rock, Our Foundation

What would I do without Jesus? 

This was an honest question on the heels of some quiet time that literally saved my mind.

Times are rough. They are filled with despair, vitriol and hyperbole. No one knows what or whom to believe. As a Christian in the world of media and politics, I find myself wondering what others do who don’t have Christ as a friend, a mindset and as their hope.

As my critics will tell you, I’m not the squeaky clean Christian. I don’t live in a sugar- coated candy cane of religiosity. On the contrary, I can be crass, sassy and downright ambivalent to the world’s incessant demands for my agreements with its nasty ways. I may be many things the white washed ones can’t endure for fear of eternal damnation on their sensitive souls, but one thing I am? Honest.

I ask the hard questions of myself and others. I’m not afraid to speak the unmentionable or call into question the sanity of our polarized exchanges on social media and beyond. Because it matters. It all matters. Lately, I find myself just asking very simple questions.

What do others do who don’t share in the admonition to love your enemies?

To not conform to the world, but be transformed by the renewing of their mind by the washing of the water of the Word? Where is their hope? Do they account for the 100 million dollar opioid epidemic in the U.S.? Do they account for sex trafficking being the fastest growing industry on planet?

I wonder.

When I say things like, I don’t know what I would do without Jesus, I guess to some, that sounds like an old negro spiritual, but it’s not. It’s this pasty white girl’s only hope in this ever-dying world of hasty words and actions.

If I had to count on government or any human for that matter, to keep my peace, I’d be on something too. My couch. In fetal position. With a bottle. Or a few.

I just wanted to give a simple, short shout out to the one who keeps me sane. Who cares for me when I stop to cast my cares, wounds, confusion, complaints, anger and disappointment on him. He gives me a cloak of joy as I exchange my heaviness for praise.

I want to encourage you to try the same thing the next time you feel any of the above. Give Christ the gift of your friendship and trust so he can bless you and the world around you with life and hope.

As the world darkens, it’s our time to shine as believers. Not because we are unshakable, but because our foundation is. Our rock, our fortress. And the gates of hell will not prevail against it/us.

That’s all.

Now go be a blessing!


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