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  • 0-30: You are very dissatisfied.
    • You may be seeking fulfillment in all of the wrong places. Your self-concept and relationships could benefit by your taking the time to develop who you are and who God wants you to be. Your quality of life will increase when you take the time to develop these two foundational areas. I recommend reading Courses 1, 2, and 3 of my new book When Jesus Isn’t Enough to begin to lay that foundation, and I also recommend seeking out Godly mentors who can come alongside you in your newfound goal of achieving satisfaction in life.
  • 30-50: You are somewhat dissatisfied.
    • You may be seeking fulfillment in all of the wrong places just like the first category, but not as often, at least according to yourself.  Your quality of life is not good, but it’s not horrible. By knowing yourself better you can continue to develop into someone who is satisfied in all areas of their life. I recommend reading Appetizer and Course 1 in When Jesus Isn’t Enough to start to experience life in ways you never thought possible. I also recommend seeking out a mentor who can help keep you accountable and push you to become better than you ever thought possible.
  • 50-70: You are somewhat satisfied.
    • You are stuck in between feeling dissatisfied and satisfied.You may go back and forth between doing what is right and wrong. You have some experience for knowing how to experience and seek out meaningful satisfaction, but you want more. I recommend seeking out a mentor who can come alongside you and help you grow in your life’s journey. As you continue to grow you can begin to mentor others along the same life journey. I recommend reading Course 5 of When Jesus Isn’t Enough. Make the decision to do what you say you will do, and find hope in your life.
  • 70-100: You are pretty satisfied.
    • You are living a pretty satisfied life! There may be times when you feel dissatisfied, but you have learned to find satisfaction in the right places. At this stage, I would recommend joining a group at your local church to continue growing in community, and I would recommend beginning the process of intentionally mentoring others. However, be careful of letting pride creep into your life, and don’t believe any lies that satan wants to tell you. Read Course 8 from my book When Jesus Isn’t Enough.
  • 100-130: Wow! You go, Girl! You are very satisfied.
    • Congratulations you are very satisfied! Many women cannot say the same about their life. You rarely feel dissatisfied because you know the only place where true satisfaction can come from, Jesus Christ. You are probably already mentoring others, but I recommend sharing your wisdom and experiences with other women in small accountability groups. However, I want you to make sure to be humble, and stay in a right relationship with God. Satan can use your position to hinder other people, if you let him, instead of helping them. Read Course 9 from my book When Jesus Isn’t Enough.

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