WSB Radio Reporter Takes Us To The Bottom Of Towers As They Fell- 9/11

We work among heroes and we don’t even know it. How many times have we heard ‘never forget’ when it comes to 9-11, the day the world stopped. Especially ours.

My WSB Radio colleague Robyn Welensky was there as an AP Reporter the day the towers fell. She has never forgotten and brings us annual stories of those afflicted with health complications due to their time spent at ground zero.

Join me for a candid conversation with a real life hero as she recounts the minutes, hours, days, months and years of journalism’s finest hour.



  • Steve Lee says:

    Max Macbrayer was my high school principal. His son, Kenneth Macbrayer, was killed in one of the towers on 9/11. We listen to his name to be read annually. Ken graduated years before me, but I spent some time in his dad’s office while in school and felt the least I can do is remember his son.

  • Kay Stokes says:

    Fantastic show on about the horrific events of 9/11.

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