What’s More Important Than Your Safety? Cobb DA John Melvin On Criminal Gangs, What ‘Waiting” On God Really Means- WSB

As Governor Brian Kemp reminds us, all the economic development in the world won’t make up for the lack of safety every Georgian faces while sharing air with over 71,000 gang affiliates.

Acting Cobb County DA John Melvin shares a unique perspective with us today on criminal gang activity and how they can and will impact you and your quality of life. I was surprised to hear the Obama administration de-funded the federal gang database and with this act of willful negligence, came a surge of criminal gang proliferation unlike anything our country has seen to date. At its height of syndication, the Italian mob was no more than 30,000. The U.S. is currently harbor for over 1 MILLION gang members.

What does all this even mean? How do you summarily explain how so many youth find it appealing to lead a life beyond the veil of the law? My very simple ministerial explanation? The same as Mr. Melvin’s.

In the wake of what was truly personal horrible week, I came to a few conclusions I want to share with you about the admonition to ‘wait’ upon the Lord. I was seeking confirmation that I had in fact, made the correct decision to decline a run for the 1st Vice Chair of the GA GOP. Within 24 hours of seeking God’s face, He appeared as He always does with confirming peace, through His Word.

Through a series of readings, I landed on the benefits of the Lord and what we can expect when we ‘wait’ upon Him. Needless to say, it’s all good stuff. I’m not the most patient person in the world, anyone who knows me knows this, but when God speaks directly to my soul with His Word, I find peace in the yielding.

Sunday was Orthodox Easter. Surrounded by friends and family, I had a magnificent day filled with some much needed joy. This came on the heels of knocking out what was for certain, my best Anthem performance to date. Such an honor to be surrounded by every level of US Military Generals, our Lt. Gov and some of the most talented contributors to aviation in my lifetime. Mr. Pat Epps of Epps Aviation hosted over 450 folks for a memorable evening honoring inductees to the Ga Aviation Hall Of Fame. I can’t explain the joy that comes over me when I know I’ve crushed our Anthem in honor of my father, a WWII vet and every branch of our military.

There’s truly no greater compliment than a 2 Star General making his way to me to inform me, my performance made his hair stand up. Coolest part of that? He’s taking me flying in a warbird! Life is good.

This week, I’ve learned to be bruised, but not crushed. Broken, but not shattered. I’ve learned that you can’t believe everything people tell you, no matter how innocently you want to hope for the best of and in people. We all let each other down. The key to all of this is living with mercy and grace and a heart wide open to hear your Creator when He comes to comfort you in the wake of your tears. His love never fails.

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