Victim Of Speaker Ralston Shares Gruesome Details Of Loss- Ralston Secures Pedophile Friendly Firm/Advisors On Delaying Justice Committee, Revenge vs. Justice- A Fine Line, ATL Mayor Contributes To Lawlessness- WSB

This show is dedicated to the little one who lost her life on a GA Interstate thirteen years ago. To your mama who has endured what no mother should ever have to endure.  She sat through countless delays and legal abandonment in her pursuit of justice to honor your little life. You would be proud. May your memory forever be eternal.

When I decided it was time to take the Ralston conversation out of the realm of politics to pay homage to the cry for justice, I had no idea how deep the infractions went regarding Speaker David Ralston.

I had little understanding of just how soul deep the wounds ran in people forever maimed by his willful, albeit legal, neglect.

The cracked voice tinged with righteous anger of the mother who held her four year old into her last breath as blood poured out the back of her head on a Ga interstate, took me to a deep place of grief.  The mother and wife who had to identify her husband’s body to have him sent to the crime lab after surviving the impact of a fatal collision that would take eight years to remedy.

Five of those years were under the willful, legislatively legal, neglect of Speaker David Ralston. She will tell you herself what she has been through. She will tell Speaker Ralston how his abandonment of expedient justice has impacted her life and the life of every other victim he has left bleeding on the field of expedient due process.

Speaker Ralston has maneuvered in a manner conducive to a career politician who can’t imagine the loss of the power structure he has so intricately woven over the years. He pled for your empathy. He held court from the floor of the House of Ga and condemned his victims for his proverbial crimes.

He held court and ruled himself honorable and worthy of pardon. He did so with an invisible gun to the head of once decent House Reps who, without thought or care for nature of his ‘legal’ neglect, stood to their feet to pay homage to the one found to be wanting. They secured their political future by aligning with the status quo, the one who butters their bread. They erred on the side of injustice.

A repugnant stench rising from our State Capitol on the altar of justice delayed are the tears and destruction of every victim left in the wake. David Ralston has in fact, raised a willfully negligent body of legislators who have shown on which hill they will die. They too have been found wanting. They should ALL consider stepping down. Sound wildly dramatic? Tell that to the ones left demoralized by the lack of decency and moral aptitude in our legislature.

As we champion heartbeat bills, let’s not beat our chests too wildly. There are sins against the born to answer for as disrobed lady justice roams the halls of a legislature punch drunk on the sound of their own applause.

This week is crossover week at the Capitol. That means that anything that  hasn’t crossed chambers by now, likely won’t. The  Child Victims Act 2019 is in the House and Senate. It will likely die. Why? Why would the state legislature of Ga deny justice to adults who were robbed of their innocence? Let’s connect some dots.

Just this week to further convince himself of no ‘wrong doing’, David Ralston assigned a firm and former lawmakers who defend pedophile friendly entities to stage theater worthy of an Academy Award. The working title of this legislative production could be called something like..  Up Yours – An Ode To The Victims Of Delayed Justice – Starring David Ralston- career politician, dad, husband, grandpa, panderer and serial authority abuser.

Read that again, a firm that worked OT to defeat justice last session, on behalf of entities who hid the rape of children, is now working on behalf of a man found guilty of exercising his ‘legal right’ to delay justice.

Listen, no one is arguing due process, even for the pedophile. What most of us are bringing light to, those of us who witnessed it firsthand, is the willful destruction of The Hidden Predator Act 2018.  An Act to hold entities accountable for allowing pedophiles to continue raping our kids.

He is literally using the inmates to declare himself competent to run the asylum. You can’t make this stuff up. You just can’t.

It’s time for Ralston to go. Period. CALL AND EMAIL YOUR LEGISLATORS. 

“Revenge is mine says the Lord“…we know it, we recite it and on some level, we believe it. The real test of the soul’s ability to surrender to it, is another story entirely.

What does it take to allow justice to take her course? Trust, patience, forgiveness, surrender to the Author of justice.

We live in a culture that inextricably links justice with revenge. It’s not a partisan phenomena. It’s the human condition.

We trade justice on the open market of politics as if she were not only blind, but adorned with the platitudes of men and women without a moral compass with little desire to see wrongs righted on this side of eternity. We shroud ourselves in false piety to make a case for the legal ease of a cause or the bloated narratives of fleeing women and children to dismiss our lust for partisan revenge.

Exacting revenge leaves justice not only molested, but downright raped of her rightful place in the earth. Justice becomes the pawn of wicked men and women who seek to secure their place in history. The legacy seekers.

The Mayor of Atlanta is a prime example of exacting revenge on a Presidential outcome that leaves the ‘black girl magic’ caldron slightly drained of law and order.

Under the banner of ‘welcoming’ the residents of Atlanta find themselves at the mercy of a bitter winner.

It wasn’t enough to defeat the ‘republican white lady’ to promote a form of myopic unity. No, the final blow in the exacting political revenge is found in the fulfillment of  the campaign promise to undermine the legitimate ELECTION of Donald J Trump to the detriment of tax paying citizens of Atlanta and beyond.

We’re going to assault law and order until they’re no longer recognizable by well meaning citizens. We’re going to use the term ‘welcoming to all those who want to obey our laws’ albeit, as illegal residents, to confuse, conflate and otherwise cunningly position ourselves against agencies of law and order.

Where does delay of justice lead us? To death, hell and destruction.

Time to clean house Atlanta. It’s not enough to mock corruption. It’s time to uproot it.

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  • Monica, please see the letter I sent to Speaker Ralston, on February 22nd, about his resignation and case recusal.

    This is a very sad situation and Georgians should not be caught in the middle. Please continue using your voice to shine a light on this complex issue.

    Amanda, I could never imagine the pain you and other victims hold. Someday, may our State overcome the extreme disappointment you each have in our Georgia court system. Please continue encouraging other victims to share your stories as far and wide as possible, as soon as you can.

    Readers, please CALL your representatives NOW and give them your opinion of these actions by the House Speaker, Georgia’s third most powerful person.

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