US Army To Commemorate Ramadan – The Religion Of Death, Hell & Destruction, Can You Really Trust Anyone? -WSB

Just back from toes in sand, too much sun and lots of laughter and tears shared with best friends. A break. We all need them.

The news cycle never sleeps. It will suck your soul right out from under you. BUT, I have a few optimistic, completely doable and sustainable suggestions…

I was handed a memo today from a buddy of mine. It’s from the US Army outlining the requirements for observing the Islamic holiday of Ramadan. Needless to say, I have a few choice concerns grounded in reality, history and truth.

It will offend some of you and I’m ok with that. The blood spilled to secure your right to be offended and me to speak THE truth in liberty, is worthy.

You have a call to action, America. I personally, will not sit idly by as our own tax payer funded military memorializes a dead prophet and a dead god hell bent on taking out my nation. Nope. Not this patriot. I’ll address more of this on my show this Sunday. I’m LIVE 1-3EST as well as my regular 8-9am hour. It will be packed FULL of goodies for you.

Glad to be home and back with you all. Thanks for traveling with me the past few days. Nothing like bronzed skin and windblown hair to set the world right.

Between Burka’s in Sports Illustrated and the call to OBSERVE a dead religion on our own soil by our own military, we’ve got some boots to lace up, America. Get your rest on and get back to work.

TRUST. That interesting five letter word we all hinge our emotional stability on. But can you really ever trust anyone? Should you? Jesus had something to say about it. So do I…

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