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When The Titanic was going down, the musicians did what they did best, they played beautiful music.
The priest did what he did best, he comforted the people who saw their imminent death in the depths of the sea. As people rushed around frantically trying to avoid the inevitable, there was a remnant who made their way to life rafts. Mostly women and children and a few cowardly men who fought their way to the front of the line valuing their own lives over another.

Out of roughly 2200 folks approx 700 survived the sinking of The Titanic. Many of those perished while waiting to be rescued.

Why am I sharing Titanic facts? Because quite honestly, after much prayer, living deep in the five minute news cycle for over 3 years, coupled with a basic study of nations who fell before us, I would submit to you we as a nation, are simply rearranging the chairs on The Titanic.

She was ‘unsinkable’. And had she not floated head long into an iceberg, perhaps she would’ve been. Had the watchman been doing his job prior to that fateful collision, perhaps it could have been avoided altogether. Alas, I offer you America.

She’s had a fantastic run. She too, did not heed the signs and calls of those who could see the writing on the nations’ walls before us who too, thought they were ‘unsinkable’. I promise you, nothing is beyond destruction.

Fatalistic? Nah. Realistic? Oh yes. Probable? Absolutely.

You see, all of our mocking of the left and resting on our conservative laurels during the ‘good years’ while profiting off the backs of immigrants, crony capitalism, welfare, the eight year Obama ruin, an entire generation lost to melanin guilt and bitterness, a stiff necked people who refuse to appropriate the atoning blood of Christ for all reparation and national healing… and what you have is a humanistic secularism speeding toward an end we are currently watching our neighbors Venezuela endure. We don’t recover.

How do I know this with certainty? Because cultural depravity tells me so. Technology tells me so. I said months ago, our morality can’t keep up with technology. We are drowning in entertainment and our own fantasy of eternity as if there’s not a plumb line to establish how our eternity will fair.

We live unto ourselves and declare sex strikes in the name of Ancient Greek gods, we have sex with children and dress boys as women and call it normal. We call evil good and good evil and we mock the God of order and decency. The God of mercy and justice. The world lies about the truth and the Church swears to it.

I’ve  come to the conclusion in the past few weeks of LIVE airtime and listening to the woes, hopes and heartaches of callers, that my role on this Titanic is a cross between the proverbial priest and musicians who continued to play beautiful music to comfort those about to meet their maker. One day, we will all meet our maker.

I don’t mean to sound fatalist or nihilistic. On the contrary, I’ve never been more at peace about something in my life. Sure, politics will still matter in the grand scheme of things and I have less than zero idea when the Lord is actually returning and just how long we have before we completely sink as a nation, but if I was a guessing woman, I would say, 2024 is going to be the year you will wish we had not allowed our national panties to be wooed right off of us or given in to a spirit of national guilt and elected a President based on skin color. We will watch as our nation morally sinks to the bottom of the sea and we become fish food for the sharks of the EU who have long sought to devour our nation in the name of globalism, for one reason: Jealousy.

Same spirit that killed Christ because of His liberty has been chasing us through history. We finally said Amen enough times that while God may in fact spare a remnant, because He usually does out of his abundant mercy, I want to encourage you to get into your Word and feed upon the Truth as much as your little belly can take in. Because, you will have nothing on which to stand in the future but the Rock of the unwavering Truth and that’s GREAT NEWS.

Here inlies our hope, our joy and security. We will be the storehouse for the body and the dying world around us. Will you be ready to share? My role is to ensure that you and your family are as ready as you can be when the day comes that everyone around you bows to the inordinate, chaotic and faux peace of moral homogenization based on a foul, mocking spirit devoid of liberty, creativity and individualism. Mercy will not be found in the world, but in those who carry God’s Spirit. Will you be one of them? Mercy is not to be confused with agreeing with the lies of the world. That’s called co-dependency and it kills.

I’m the national hospice coordinator. There’s nothing like accepting when someone is going to transition into eternity. It’s rough when the person diagnosed doesn’t believe it and the preparations still have to be made. Arrangements still have to move forward. YOU are the single most important arrangement that needs to be made. Your heart, your mind and ability to live abundantly as this nation self implodes, unless direct intervention from God himself.

Killing children as they exit the birth canal should have been our first clue. Sharia law being established in NY and MN could have been another red flag. Then again, there were so many others along the way. Look to our sister, the UK and you will see exactly what I’m referring to in the way of our demise. Look to the two jihadists sitting in our US Congress and the current coup de tat that was thwarted regarding a sitting US President. Look to bleached servers and justice averted from Congress down to my own state legislature. Look to pedophiles wreaking havoc on our children and legislators aiding them. Look to the fluidity movement of men and women, the war on protecting ourselves with arms, individualism, the moths eating at the fabric of our Constitution.

Is there a tragedy that could possibly bring us together as in days gone by? No. There’s not. Why? Because there’s a demographic of socialist Americans who believe we deserve it. We are 50 shades of national gray with no code word to stop. We aren’t Sodom and Gomorrah. We’re worse. How so? We have the Gospel of Christ, they didn’t.

China tariffs.. in the scheme of what you just read, it pales in comparison to the priority shift that needs to occur, but it’s important to get clear about China’s role in our lives. Adversary? Competitor? Kamalah Harris would have you believe they are our allies. Need I say more?

Whether we live or we die, we belong to the Lord. Let’s act like it.

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MY Titanic attire.

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  • Terry Adams says:

    Yes, a lot of “jealousy” involved, but I think the good heart of we Americans has been our Achilles Heel. We want to do what is right and unfortunately we were manipulated into believing that our entire existence is based on RIGHTS. We accepted the degradation of our society because it was believed that we must uphold “rights” at all costs — we threw away our culture, morals, values, traditions and commonly held beliefs because we were manipulated into believing that an individual’s “right” to something outweighs even our nation in its entirety. Insanity, but we fell for it.

    And so we’re now a nation with no sense of purpose and just wandering aimlessly while awaiting another decision by a court that will require us to tear down what little is left in the name of upholding someone’s latest “right” to something.

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