The Shame Of Curvey Women- The Father’s Role In The Decline Of Sexual Identity- WSB LIVE

The story of an Alaskan high school swimmer taking her school to a state championship was an exciting one. Right up to her disqualification and medal revocation due to inappropriate swimwear.

The real story is that her swimwear fit her body as most swimwear does. If it doesn’t conform to curves, it relocates to the area of the body of least resistance. Ahem.

In the end, her medal and win were reinstated and the revocation recognized for the ridiculous accusation it presented. But this got me thinking about all the times I have personally been judged, shamed, ostracized and downright rejected because I’m a curvy woman. ESP among the holy ones; the Church. I personally hope our heavenly bodies include nakedness just to freak some of you out, but I doubt shame will be a heavenly paradigm.

Has our colonial/Quaker view on sexuality led us to the demise we have long feared as a culture? And if so, where are our fathers in this equation? My Twitter feed shows an apathetic, weak, fearful generation of fathers who have abdicated not only their own genitalia to the women in their lives and social justice hashtag regimes, but have left the walls of the cities of their own families down to the point of perversion.

What is it that makes a man uncomfortable addressing the decency and feminine expression of his daughter?

Ali has an interesting take on all of this being raised by a single mom; me. She makes a direct correlation between what is normally reserved for Constitutional constructs and the unalienable rights that come with one’s own sexuality and worth. It gets deep.

Callers had some great ideas about connecting with their kids on wardrobe. You may find them useful!


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