The “Right” To Change- The Tool Of Political Shame & Cancel Culture, Black Magazine Publication Declares “The New America’ Is Black, Kanye Finds Jesus- Gays Not Happy- A Full Show- WSB RADIO LIVE

Sombody’s Got To Say It. Yes. Sundays are my live radio days not to be confused with my daily podcast. The news of the day got me thinking about our inability to simply let people change without ‘canceling’ them, completely.

I would normally provide extensive show notes, but some of you see that as an opportunity to forego the actual audio that accompanies this post. Sooooo… I’ll let you listen instead:)


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  • RC Kim says:

    I meant to tell you much sooner, but as a classical music junkie (it’s a lonely club because it’s hard to find people who share that passion, because 3-4 generations of Americans have not been socialized to enjoy classical music and Old Master art, i.e., Titian, Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt,etc.), I really appreciate you sharing your Atlanta Symphony experience, and I heartily agree that more children in K-12, especially in APS, could use a healthy dose of exposure to the kind of fine arts I mentioned parenthetically. Alas, nobody has taken up the mantle of Leonard Bernstein, who in addition to being a composer and conductor had a TV show introducing young people to classical music

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