The D Word- Overhauling Family Courts Needs To Be Kemp Priority, Real Life Stories Of An $80 BILLION (racket) INDUSTRY Called Divorce- WSB LIVE

Two hours wasn’t enough to field a call system filled with callers on the topic of divorce. The topic may seem general, but I wanted to get to the real meat and potatoes of a 80 BILLION (with a B) dollar industry. Who is profiting from our inability to forgive, compromise, sacrifice and basically say Amen to the sanctity of a spiritual institution? That’s right, THE COURTS.

If you haven’t seen the documentary Divorce Corp. as soon as you listen to this broadcast, sit on your couch with your eyes wide open to the greedy, sick business of divorce.

As if divorce wasn’t disruptive and destructive enough, you have folks who are not held accountable by anyone really (GA’s JQC was taken over by the legislature, contrary to my own vocal opposition and many others who could see the incestuous writing on the wall). You’re dealing with a fraternal order of legal professionals who literally depend on your acrimony to maintain their lifestyle and elected powers of position. It’s sick, it’s costly to human lives and it needs to change. Now.

My guest, Gracie Ortiz candidly shares her own story of divorce, acrimony, betrayal and incarceration in a local county jail due to non payment for child support ( she was unemployed). For those of you who believe the courts only side with women, you are mistaken. The courts side with MONEY.

The first thing you will be asked by your divorce attorney is WHAT ARE YOUR ASSETS? Why is that do you suppose? A. To see what you stand to lose and B.  To determine how much TIME your case can be milked for by every individual involved with your it.

From alimony to child support you have a very broken system with people making decisions for your kids who have zero interest or oversight in doing so other than, MONEY.

Are there a few exceptions to bad actors as divorce workers go? Sure. Make no mistake, they are the exception. No one wins in divorce, particularly the kids.

I’m not advocating for you to stay together till the kids are adults. Although, that’s not an entirely bad position to take as long as the two of you aren’t verbally and emotionally abusive to one another or to your kids. If there isn’t active participation in making your home harmonious and peaceful, I encourage people to separate while seeking ministerial/emotional counsel as a couple. If you can’t make it, you can’t make it. But to think a court will have your best interest or the best interest of your kids as some kind justice warrior,  ( with zero legislative guidelines) in complete autonomy to what your particular judge feels or thinks about you as a person and the tone your counsel sets from the onset of your proceedings, you are living in la la land. NO ONE will care more about your possessions or KIDS, than you.

Gracie spends her time advising couples on a very simple process of agreement. She is not an attorney or otherwise certified mediator, but she’s a mother who shares in this broadcast, first hand what her children are still dealing with due to a corrupt system and spouse who had the upper hand of judicial favor. Many of you wrongly think the more money you spend, the better your counsel and chances of “winning”, think again.

Thank you to those of you who shared your testimonies with me on the air and via email. They aren’t lost on me. My heart hears your hurt and grief. I’m sorry for the anguish love and loss has caused you and pray your hearts would be made whole again. If that’s possible.

Even with Christ, the wounds of betrayal and loss can go so deeply that people die with their hope for new love in their hearts. They cover and protect and decide taking a love chance just isn’t worth the cost, again. That’s a no win situation and not one I believe a redeeming God would subscribe to.

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