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The opinion police are out in full force. Judge Janine Pirro of FOX made a correlation between Ilan Omar D-MN a Muslim Extremist newly elected to Congress and whether or not we should consider her allegiance to the US plausible by virtue of her affinity for wearing a hijab.

In light of Ilan’s extreme rhetoric and alliances with extremist organizations and her lawless procurement of  US citizen status, a fourth grader could easily surmise she may not be playing on team freedom.

The Judge’s assertion that Omar’s hijab calls into question her allegiance to our nation, is where it gets a little sideways. I mean, there are plenty of Christians who subscribe to covering your head in honor of the Apostle Paul ( IMHO a misinterpretation of the admonition) and they aren’t paid to speak at a known terror org’s convention. Nor are they aligned with organizations recognized as terror funding fronts. Think CAIR.

I agree with the Judge. On the premise of Omar’s admission that her first allegiance is to a faith that stares directly in the face of liberty and says “up yours”. History proves Islam and its far reaching tenets to be less than friendly to the idea of freedom OF anything. Oppression by any other prophet’s name is still oppression. No thanks.

Following the Judge’s theory, what makes Omar extreme? Her hijab? No. Her ideas do. Her allegiance to Sharia Law does. Her blatant disregard for our President does. I’m not sure I’ve heard another Congressman or woman refer to my President as “sub human”. And here’s where it begins.

While FOX executives are busy making the apology tour rounds on behalf of a network rapdily descending into mushy waters of public opinion meets annihilation of the unadulterated truth of a matter, I think it’s important for us to present the case for and against making blanket statements.

In the end, my concern is with you, my listener, neighbor, fellow patriot. How is your heart faring in the times of demanding you choose to engage in standing for the democratic republic we call home or become apathetic. Can we call things as they are and expect consequences to follow seditious behavior on behalf of our elected ones and citizens or are we all going to rot a slow death in the tomb of blame, apologize, cower and succumb? Are we going to convert to oppression or die on the hill of Constitutional and legal virtue others died to secure?

Discussing the GA 2020 budget has left me with one looming question… when did the GOP become socialist?

GA will elect a new GOP Chair. I’m going to make clear where I stand and why when it comes to casting my vote. Senator David Shafer and Scott Johnson are asking for the opportunity to ensure Ga remains red. Considering this is not a popularity contest or running for class President, I’ve decided to cast my vote based on the sober knowledge of what’s at stake. You should too.
Discussing ground games and GOP shenanigans, we either get it together or prepare to lose the state. Considering what’s at stake regarding life that now sits in the state Senate, I’d say, we need to really consider our deficiencies and strengths as a party and elect with those factor in mind.

Stacey Abrams is the like the girl who just won’t take no for an answer. She could be asking for your Presidential vote in 2020.  In a sad display of lack of esteem, Stacey does what every man or woman does who looks outward for their worth, they make winning and losing about themselves, further assaulting the intelligence of the voter. I’d say it’s time for Stacey to take her millions of votes as a cue that plenty of people ‘liked’ her, she simply wasn’t the right candidate for the job. But that takes courage. That takes heart. Something many in the Democrat Party lack entirely.

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