Sephora- Offers Employee Mind Control Training, Illegals Housed At ARMY Base?, LYFT Rider Bails From Moving Car, D- Day POTUS Channeling FDR, Social Etiquette Dead?-WSB

If you tried to buy new mascara before noon at a Sephora store, you were likely turned away for what I call mind control training . The left’s attempt to ‘cure’ Americans of their suspected bias. Notice, it doesn’t have to be proven, only suspected that your attitude precipitated by bad gas, a breakup or radical diagnosis  could ACTUALLY be racist sentiments held deep within your white psyche. Yep. We don’t recover folks.

Local LYFT rider suspects she’s in danger and bails out of a moving car. What YOU can do to ensure you’re not being taken for the wrong ride.

POTUS channels FDR during D Day speech. We could all use the encouragement.

Ft. Benning Ga could house illegal children in the coming weeks. I’d rather pay $400 for an avocado.

If I have to spend one more afternoon at a nail salon dealing with rude, self inflated women who have zero concept of communal space, I may make the evening news. A form of social up yours and is the reparation practice of self segregation by attitude. Over it.

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