POTUS Prayer Turns Into Explanation/Apology? Abrams’ Hollywood Tour- Earning Her Non-Profit Donations, Log Cabin Republicans Tire of Disney Hypocrisy, Quest Date Breach- Are You Affected? WSB

Stacey Abrams, the legitimate loser of the Ga Gubernatorial is still speaking on  behalf of Georgians who do not value life. She’s making her way to Hollywood to apologize for Conservatives who dare preserve life in the womb.

After all, lest we forget, Stacey has a few donors to pander to. Those pop up victim in a box 501C 3’s have donors to answer to. Just a quick fact check, she lost by 70,000 votes. That makes her the OFFICIAL loser. Too bad she just won’t go away.

Log Cabin Republicans who represent a homosexual conservative base are calling BS on Disney, Netflix and others who do business in countries that practice murdering homosexuals yet, can’t find it within their economic conscience to continue to do entertain doing business with Ga. Good for them.

Quest Diagnostics has been the victim of 11.9 million data breaches and guess what that means? Your social security numbers and personal data has been compromised. You should likely make the necessary changes to protect as much as you can via credit agencies.

The prayer heard around the world. POTUS stops in for an impromptu prayer and you comply. In response to this international event, you’ve upset the congregants you depend on for the next new building fund. Whether you call it an apology or an explanation, the fact that any self respecting, true doctrine teaching pastor would have to pander to his congregation post Presidential prayer is not only weak, it’s EXACTLY why we have the lack of influence in the world we do as a body of power and a sound mind. We’ve been subjected to the faux piety of the likes of Beth Moore and others like her who divide the body of Christ with lack of understanding about God’s sovereignty to basically.. do whatever the heaven he wants..


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