Posthumous Monday- Race Card Or FACTS- Postmortem Look At Divorce Broadcast- Dating or Courting? Casey Cagle- Still Untruthing, Video Mom Abuses Toy To Make A Point?- WSB

In reviewing a call from yesterday while LIVE this morning on the Facebooks WATCH HERE, I stumbled head first into some really powerful discovery of one of my first callers out of the Divorce gate yesterday.

No shortage of callers to describe either courtroom hell or relative ease. Only one caller mentioned the ‘racial’ element of not getting a fair shake at divorce. My interaction with him stuck with me for most of the night because I wanted to evaluate my response and how I could have served him or you better. If at all.

What I uncovered was pretty amazing.

Christians have a term for dating that quite honestly, is about as archaic as showing up with a goat in exchange for your daughter’s hand in marriage, it’s called courting. After my last break up that really sucked, another posthumous look at something in my life led me to finally agreed with my 23 year old daughter, courting is for the birds, IMHO.  I’ll tell you why in this broadcast.

You may remember a politician named Casey Cagle. He was our former Lt. Governor and wanted to be our Governor. By the grace of God his shenanigans were exposed at the midnight hour, albeit nothing new for those of us in the ‘know’.  In yet another posthumous moment, Casey has his way to a microphone only to prove what we all already know, once an affinity for untruths, quite possibly, always an affinity. I’ll admit, it’s hard to save face in the age of gotcha! But to imply your audio recording was doctored to make you look bad, is not only insanely ridiculous, it’s laughable.

Facebook is never short of dumb dumbs. As in ever. People LOVE being the host of their own dumbest moment and I’ve found one last week. She’s a real doozy and some of you may not see a problem with her actions, but this mama and actual social justice warrior, didn’t find it funny for some pretty solid reasons… You can watch our special mom HERE. 

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Can’t tie these shoes, Casey

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