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Epic. The cracking of the voice, the presence of his wife, the tonal changes in his voice. The conviction, the accusation, the blame shifting, the gas lighting…. you’d think I had dated a few of these folks. Let’s review our definition of malignant narcissism….

Narcissistic personality disorder is often equated with the selfie-loving, shallow boaster who wears on your patience. However, there is significantly more to the condition. Their behavior and mood are often dependent and driven by feedback from their environment; they typically need the message from others to be a positive one. The impression they wish to make and the intense guarding of their fragile self esteem is a strong determinant of their actions and thoughts.

Some narcissists can become stricken with anger, anxiety, depression, shame, and so forth if the information they receive does not match their inflated, protected inner self. From a neuropsychological standpoint, narcissistic personality disorder reflects problems with self and emotion regulation.

People who meet diagnostic criteria can have extremely fragile and fluctuating self esteem. There is a detachment from their true self. The condition often has a negative impact on the lives of people who love or interact with them. 


Narcissistic personality disorder includes symptoms such as poor self identity, inability to appreciate others, entitlement, lack of authenticity, need for control, intolerance of the views/opinions of others, emotional detachment, grandiosity, lack of awareness or concern regarding the impact of their behavior, minimal emotional reciprocity, and a desperate need for the approval and positive attention of others.

Not everyone with pathological narcissism or narcissistic personality disorder will have the same presentation of the condition. There is heterogeneity, of course, because people are complex. There are differing levels of intensity and dimensions. For example, some with pathological narcissism are shy and avoidant (vulnerable), while others are primarily outgoing and overtly boastful (grandiose).

Stay tuned to Channel 2 this week. My sources tell me  that victims of the legal delay tactics of Sir Ralston will appear on the stairs of the Capitol. In the ironies of all ironies, I’m being trolled by someone from a well known watering hole for legislators. Complete with a burger named for Speaker Ralston, who has come to the ‘defense’ of the bourbon and burger bar (over GA State Twitter infractions) Hooters lite comes to mind. It’s certainly not a day at Chuck E Cheese. If you recall, Bada Bing was made famous by the gangster series The Sopranos. Seems befitting.

Bada Bings, the bourbon and burger joint, has taken up the mantel of defending the indefensible, David Ralston. Mocking victims on social media in a show of allegiance to the Speaker. It’s a culture, folks.

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Well, it seems we have two bills circulating centered around victims of childhood sexual abuse. As I told the legislators involved, if this is a Trojan horse to derail or otherwise kill a perfectly good bill sponsored by democrats, for the sake of politics, YOU the voter will be made aware for the purposes of exercising your vote elsewhere.

Rep Micah Gravely is taking on the City of Atlanta with his piece of gold that will upend the no cash bail changes made via Atlanta City Council. What this really means for poor Rep Gravely, is he is about to realize being white (and Republican) is not to his advantage when attempting to keep citizens safe while dealing with the Atlanta city government. Trust me.

In a not so astounding move, Senate Democrats voted to kill children at birth. The Grave New Deal.

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