Pandering or Most Qualified? – National Dilemma, Ga’s Youngest Senate Candidate, Abrams Stokes Fires Of Division-Hollywood Has Oppty To Unite, What’s In YOUR Heart?- WSB

With the indictment of Ga Insurance Commissioner Beck, the Governor’s office is tasked with selecting an interim leader. It appears the selection of Ga’s Governor Kemp will be a Mexican national, decorated veteran of the US Military and proven leader and police chief of a small police department. If you asked me what his experience is with insurance I would have to tell you… none. Does that matter? Leadership skills are one thing, picking up the baton within an industry that the new commission has worked feverishly on which to establish solid ground, is quite another.

With a quiver of qualified candidates for the role, you have to ask yourself why the guy with a sizable cultural background minus industry qualifications was the first choice.

It begs the question Journalist Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal Constitution couched as the Republican Governor of Ga making sure the landscape isn’t quite so welcoming for white males. I am assured by his administration he is not pandering to the more moderate base of scared conservatives.

Only time will tell and I’m not sold. Like I tell my boss, I’m clear about our roles. I am clear that I’m not the boss. I am also clear that the Governor was elected by us to make the hard choices. To not stop the bus of forward motion whenever hailed from the hitchhikers of the left hell bent on the extinction the American white male. Considering a recent poll by the SPLC, which would usually not be plausible considering their business model built upon division and destruction, shows the number one hate crime group increase are black supremacy groups, if you don’t think your state legislatures aren’t hounded hourly,  by social reparations groups, you are naive.

Maybe you should pose the question to the Governor’s office. Remember, all stuff rolls downhill. The Governor’s bubble needs to be flanked by voices who will remind him of the dangers of placating the homogenization brigade of the left.

The most qualified candidate should be overseeing an industry that has historically proven to need training wheels and a leash where insurance rates are concerned. Talk about highway robbery in the name of actuary science.

Stacey Abrams has finally found a role in the land of make believe. She’s encouraging Hollywood executives to ‘keep up the fight’ in Ga. My take is slightly different.

You can either keep fighting Georgians on policy or you can get back to doing what you do best, creating entertainment.

You can continue as pawns of politics or you can partner with our state government to solve problems Georgians face.

Need help deciding which one to tackle besides the rights of the unborn? How about trafficking, gangs, poverty, affordable housing, HIV? Just to name a few. There are so many ways you could hang up the phone on the voices dragging you into the fray and soon to be empty tax incentive coffers. Georgians will only tolerate the enmity for so long. Trust me, I’ve been a peach my entire life. Put down your weapons and find solutions.

Jesus  said.. I knock on the door of your heart. Whoever opens, I will come in and sup with him. Hm. I posed the Twitter question, what would he find in your heart upon opening the door? The answers were honest and varied, but human. I’m asking you the same question.

Yes, I am banned from Facebook again. This makes strike 4 in less than 3 months. The post (crime) was from 2015. Zuckerburg’s running a little behind, but make no mistake, they are scouring the annals of Facebook to ensure everyone has the same opinion an feeling on any given matter or national offense.

Who is Harrison Lance? He’s the youngest candidate in the race for Ga Senate district 6. He is the evidence some of us need that our youth haven’t abandoned the land of liberty to socialistic ideas. You can find more about him HERE.

I’ve managed to be able to use back channels to broadcast my daily FB LIVE show, for now. Hope you’ll tune in Mon- Thurs 11am. Tomorrow may be a bit earlier, I have a meeting to discuss my rise to national fame;)

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