Life Is Good! From Disgrace To Honor- How Long Is Your Mercy Stick?, Millions Of Black Lives Saved Today- LIFE Bill Signed By Gov Kemp – Just The Beginning Of The Battle- WSB

As I watched the President tie the Medal Of Freedom around the neck of one of American’s beloved golfers, I found myself so grateful for second chances.

Tiger Woods received the distinguished honor in line with many of his golf heroes on the heels of a very public season of disgrace. How many of us watched as his personal life was strewn across every tabloid along with his mugshot and certain plummet from sports grace to the depths of human despair.

He lost his gorgeous wife, his kids, his career and his reputation. Of all those, what could YOU live without? What level of hell would you find yourself swimming in if any of those were stripped from you? Would you recover? Could you imagine recovering on this level?

What if I told you that in God’s economy you can recover from anything? What if I told you the mercy of God is new every morning and no matter the level of depravity you have succumbed to, you can in fact, fall to those knees, ask for that mercy, confess those faults and believe that the occupied seat mercy on which Christ sits, is there for you to be restored, recovered and redeemed?

I think my respect level for Tiger is what it is because he took responsibility for his choices. He owned them. He sought the help necessary and instead of becoming a washed up drunk on some remote island surrounded by 25 year playmates, he got it together.

He put in the work, He came back.

We’re Americans, we love a comeback. And boy did he give us one.

My favorite movie is Cinderella Man. Why? Because we see a man at the top of his game lose everything he had but his wife, kids and dignity and with the belief, love and stamina of his wife, they did it. They came back and better than before the scars of poverty and despair.

He lost his professional ability to prosper and his wife toughed it out. They never turned on each other. They were the glue and ultimately, his comeback was what Americans needed to see during the great depression. A time when everyone was equally poor and destitute. He overcame. And you can too.

HISTORY was made today when Governor Brian Kemp signed into law what is better known as the Heartbeat Bill. This is just the beginning of hell’s fight to defend its right to execute death in the womb. Don’t lose heart and whatever you do, don’t give any airtime to the left and their megaphone of accusations and fear mongering. I’m going to give you the very simple and powerful reasons why you have NOTHING to fear!

Forgive my dude voice. Me sickie.. Always welcome your prayers. A little spring cold. Nothing  a little sun can’t heal.

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