LGBTQ Splits Methodist Church- Jesus Had A lot To Say About Homosexuality, Hidden Predator Act- A Republican Trojan horse? Gov’t Schools Serving DINNER- WSB

I was astonished to see that children are now eating breakfast, lunch and DINNER at public schools. I mean, how much more can we abdicate to the administrative state and still ask how we ended up a socialist nation, with a straight face? No, really.

I know women who can’t boil water and leave their kids to scour through cupboards of boxed cereals. This broadcast is not for the weak of heart and mind. If you are a lazy female who can’t or won’t make feeding/nourishing your child a priority, you are part of the problem and not the solution. This isn’t poor shaming, this is real. If you can afford a lottery ticket or press on nails and not food for your kid, you should stop having them for the rest of us to raise.

The LGBTQUAI corp machine will never stop in its quest to normalize same sex relations, feelings and thoughts until the heterosexual world is willing to try it, at least once. Preposterous? Nah.

It’s not enough for a religious establishment to decide to ‘allow’ non-practicing homosexual clergy to preach from pulpits, it’s enough to split a denomination right down the middle. I commend the Methodist Conference for standing on their principles without caving to ‘if Scripture doesn’t fit, change it”.

This is NOT a gay shaming show, this is scratching the surface on a historical argument that somehow Jesus just skipped right over homosexuality. Never mind what Paul and the other apostles wrote, Jesus is the offender of leaving the canvas open for not only our interpretation, but our very own perverse version of the Truth about disorder and unnatural affections.

Speaking of unnatural affections, the Republicans of GA have launched a piss poor response to a perfectly good bill on behalf of the Democrats regarding pedophiles? Now, why on earth would men and women who shape heartbeat bills, pray against casinos and defend religious liberty err on the side of pedophiles and entities that harbor them? That’s easy, MONEY.



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