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What is it about death that brings out the literal WORST in folks? No shortage of hilarious stories sprinkled with a few sad moments today as callers poured out a nice dose of laughter & sobriety!

Offering a few pointers as well as to what you can do to not become the shmuck at your own funeral. Seriously. I know we hate discussing the inevitable, but it’s just wrong to leave your family and friends with little to no instructions, upon your earthly departure. Money and belongings have a funny way of ruining the tightest of friendships and family. Get it settled beforehand.

A local outrage has become a national story. Atlanta Police have declared war on the incompetence of our judiciary. One judge in particular is now whining about his wife having to live like the rest of us do (armed) for fear of retribution for her husband’s inability to keep career juvenile criminals behind bars where they belong. Yes, he sent a KNOWN gang affiliate back to the streets with an ankle monitor to steal again and endanger the lives of citizens as well as, police.

This isn’t a magistrate issue, where admittedly, the pipeline of information is more like a sewer of politics, inefficiency and bad policy where juveniles and accessing highly protected records are concerned. No, this is the Chief Judge in Fulton County Juvenile court. If Brad Boyd is incompetent, his wife should dry her tears and ask him what the rest of want to know, what’s the damn problem?

Crying a river of tears for criminal gang oriented youth is laughable to me. Referring to them as children is not only ridiculous it’s negligent in light of the FACTS of the cases brought before Judges like Brad Boyd and Doris Downs, who also cried a river of tears for a repeat 17 year old offender with known gang affiliation and a sizable rap sheet. Only, her little child managed to murder a young man in front of his wife and wedding party attendees outside of a prominent Atlanta country club.

Yes, she too, felt ( and said) she thought of our little darling career teen criminal often and just really believed he just needed someone to believe in him. A widow, orphan and destroyed mother later and Doris Downs has never been held accountable for such a negligently consequential, horrible choice. This happens EVERY DAY in Ga.

For the Atlanta Police brass to finally step up and demand change when we are literally harboring tens of thousands of gang members shouldn’t be too hard to swallow for an impotent ‘justice’ system.

I am personally heading to a bond hearing for an imbecile who robbed a little lady for her wedding ring after stalking her by motorcycle, in broad daylight, with bystanders,  to take what wasn’t his. The judge’s response to our presence at his initial hearing? She was glad SOMEONE brought her the rap sheet she SHOULD HAVE HAD ACCESS TO, to determine he was enough of dirtbag to keep in jail. Which is exactly where he should stay.

Yes, the public is now becoming their own police force. Mrs. Boyd will be hard pressed for my sympathy considering I can’t go to the grocery store unarmed. Her husband should STEP UP instead of crying over a lost generation who will breed another lost generation. They aren’t CHILDREN and they shouldn’t be political pawns either. Skin color be damned, this needs to change and now. Criminal justice reform begins in the home. We’re so busy feeding every kid for free in the city of Atlanta that I’m curious about what parents actually do in the raising of their kids. I mean, if my taxes are paying to feed, educate and incarcerate your kids, there’s a problem. Perhaps we should begin incarcerating parents with their ‘children’.

I can tell you with certainty, law enforcement morale in the city of Atlanta along with many major cities is at an all time low. Between lame legislatures, incompetent and negligent judges, politically motivated DA’s, the MSM and social justice brigades led by wanna-be civil rights leaders, we’ve got ourselves a bonafide crisis.

Lawlessness breeds hardened hearts and more lawlessness. It doesn’t help that the Mayor of Atlanta flagrantly positions gang affiliates within her administration and our state legislature honors them with Senate Resolutions. And where is the queen during all the upheaval? Jockeying to take Stacey Abrams’ sloppy seconds should someone decide to need a running mate named Keisha (Atlanta joke and position statement for a weak mayor).

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