HR To Remove Speaker Of Ga Drops- Minions Stand Strong, Pope Convenes Over Sex Abuse Cases- God Has A Possible Solution, HB418 Child Victims Act- Where’s The GOP?- WSB

Over 10,000 children sired by priests. That wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t in direct opposition to the vow of ‘celibacy’ they took to the bride of Christ. Seems the bride of Christ has innumerable definitions and children don’t count when satisfying insatiable lust.

Not much is concealed these days. The Lord showed me a few years ago that much more would be revealed about the condition of our hearts, but not all at one time, lest the land lay desolate. He’s defeating his enemies one wheat/chaff separation at a time. And He promised it would begin in his church. And here we are.

So, how did we get here? How did we get to a place over hundreds of years of men in robes touching, fondling and physically raping our children? Who thought they had a better idea than God when they decided it was more efficient or holy to remove a woman from a man’s bed and replace her with homosexuality and molestation? Who thought it was a good idea to mandate that man be alone? I have a few ideas. Likely, the same pervert who’s been after God’s creation from the beginning. The first politician. Lucifer turned Satan, himself. The religious spirit always seems noble, but it rarely leads to anything but death, hell and destruction.

As the Pope of shaming America for having walls sits at the head of the table of misfits this weekend, I couldn’t help but wonder if he really thinks the best way forward is keeping man from his helpmate. Does the Church trump it’s very Author? History has proven the answer to that question is yes. And for that, we pay. Dearly.

My heart goes out to Catholics. Truly. What a sh*tshow you all have to endure when simply attempting to practice a faith you believe in strongly.

Kind of reminds of the GOP of Ga. Bad actors in high places defending the indefensible. Re-writing the rules to satisfy their own lust for power and gain. Creating victims and casualties along the path to self aggrandizement and mantras of political superiority. The party of ideas is dying on the vine of bad leadership and their too damn committed to the beast to see the blatant cannibalizing of justice & order.

The political papal equivalent, Republicans are now hiding under the robe of their seemingly bullet proof leader for the same reason Catholic priests and families, turned their heads for generations to the heinous acts of fraud. Creating chaos via political engineering that would make the democrat socialist look sane, they’re drunk on their own Koolaid.

Only 11 legislators put their name, their families, constituencies, reputation & professions on the line to stand for what’s right. The charge led by none other than a combat veteran, Rep David Clark of Buford. A husband and father, Rep Clark dropped the Resolution to call for David Ralston to step down as Speaker Of The House.

When we began our conversation, his voice was wrought with passion and righteous anger. The same passion and anger I’ve heard in my own father’s voice when defending my honor. Rep Clark and the other ‘dissenters’ have planted their flag in the ground to call the Ga House to order on behalf of victims left in the musty tombs of a legislative calendar protected by a law the offender himself erected moons ago. Funny how that works.

Rep Clark assured me he has no malice toward Speaker Ralston and very simply believes this is a cause worth championing for one reason: Justice. “What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong”.

You have to wonder why the head victim herself Stacey Abrams, refuses to publicly take action regarding the continued delay in justice on behalf of the Speaker. You have to wonder why an entire Democrat Caucus is silently sitting by watching the sins of the Republican Party laid bare for the state to see. A state on the international stage of politics. A state ripe for a political take over on behalf of serial molesters of most of your Bill Of Rights. Whether, speech, guns, life, equality… the left is salivating behind closed door meetings of capitalizing on the indiscretions of a party who can’t get out of its own way long enough to invite others in.

In light of what appears to be insurmountable odds, I am reminded that Gideon only needed 300. The fearless, respectful & prepared. The tenacious. They took on enemies much larger than their temporal ability to defeat. But God.

Here’s where YOU come in. You can exercise your voice on behalf of justice by calling and emailing your legislators to stand with Rep David Clark and the other brave souls who are taking on the leviathan on your behalf.  Bare in mind, your pushback will likely be immediate. The allegiance to power runs deep at the big frat house of Ga. Call anyway.

There’s another measure for you to call your legislators to support this session that will undoubtedly be killed by Speaker Ralston, as he’s promised to do with all social issues this session, The Child Victims Act HB418. This bill is crucial to justice being served to victims of childhood sexual abuse who were defrauded by entities like the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts Of America. Entities who harbor pedophiles should be held accountable in the state of GA . 38 other states have such protection/remedies in place. As of the airing of this broadcast, Republicans have not signed on to protect our kids. 

Stay tuned this week as more developments surface in Speaker Ralston’s descent. I don’t find it worthy of celebration that a man who took out the giant before him now sits at the same bench of judgment, but I do find it plausible that justice is crying out and we still have a few men and woman willing to take her call, regardless of the price.

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