Heartbeat Bill Drops In GA, Monarchy Fights To Keep Airport Honey Pot, Blue Pills Ads, Enough Already- WSB

God. You would think 99% of men in America can’t experience arousal without assistance from the blue pill brigade. Turn on any talk station in the country and you will hear a vibrant, valley girl who could be your grand daughter ‘cheering’ you on to the manhood defining finish line of arousal & conquer. Sex has become an Olympic Sport for blue pill advertisers… I have a few ideas about all this business….

The queen of Atlanta has risen from her throne in between photo shoots and land/tax grabs to defend her right to the honey pot of Ga, the Atlanta Airport. With a history of back door deal and a campaign donor list of concessionaires to Keisha’s campaign, it helps explain why the previous King set things in motion that would preserve the city’s ultimate cookie jar. Playboy bunnies spend more time interacting with their audience than the queen, yet they share the same amount of print time. Priorities.

Sen Bruce Thompson has dropped the first heartbeat bill in the state Senate. Flanking legislation in the House dropped via Rep Ed Setzler. Pray for these guys, our resident Democrat, Speaker Ralston waged war on Republicans before the session began to oppose any social legislation. In light of his own come to Jesus moment recently, I’d say Gov Kemp’s chances of ever seeing these highly favored bills will never see the light of day… YOU can make a difference. Ralston must go.

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