Hearsay- The Congressional Note Overplayed- National/ Personal Affect Of Gossip- WSB Radio LIVE

Hearsay. Word of the hour. With a looming third Presidential impeachment, it seems we’ve reduced fact finding to an elementary game of Telephone.

Tying cultural, political and spiritual implications to a practice that leaves many victims in its wake.

Two hours of callers and I left the station with a heavy heart. It was worth every second of opening the phone lines to those brave souls willing to share harrowing stories of surviving hearsay in their daily lives.

Congress plays by its own rules UNTIL and IF it reaches our Senate. UGA Law Professor and WSB’s Senior Legal Analyst shares knowledge with us on what to expect in the coming days of what appears to be a Congressional sh*tshow.

Whether Democrat or Republican you deserve the sanity preserving knowledge only a nationally recognized Constitutional Scholar can offer. Forever grateful for Professor Carlson.



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