Gwinnett County Sheriff Keeping Georgians Safe- 287G Renewal- Truth vs Lies, From Incompetent Legislators To Deception – How To Decipher- WSB

Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway plans to renew the federal 287G program. The Democrats, never missing an opportunity to politicize your safety, has made the issue of illegal criminal aliens a matter of discrimination. An ever growing Democrat Gwinnett County Commission is threatening to pull the plug on the program that keeps Gwinnetians and Georgians at large, safe.

What is the 287G program? Let’s put some facts to this highly contentious and politicized program. You will be shocked by the level of care and concern foreign born arrestees are afforded.

Deputy Shannon Volkodav, Public Information Officer, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s office, gives us the actual low down on a very important measure that keeps YOU safe.

This week a sitting Alabama legislator told the world that Donald Trump Jr. should have been aborted and while the Alabama legislature is at it, they may as well abort all black children since most black people will be executed anyway. WUT?

Yes. The dumb is deep on this one and believe it or not, this piece of work has been elected since 1982!

Who holds the responsibility and power to decipher truth from lie? YOU. Who holds the power to eradicate the political sphere from career liars and thieves? YOU do.

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