GSU Sugar Baby Hub-Is YOUR Daughter Putting Out For An Edu?, Ga Heartbeat Bill Brings Out All The Demonics, POTUS Boeing Overreach? – WSB

The GA Heartbeat bill is bringing up all the dross. In a grotesque display of epic demonic activity, female legislators are taking anyone to task who would dare support life. It’s on. Lt. Gov Duncan has made it clear, with hurdles cleared, he will bring it to the floor for a vote. The life of this bill and millions of children, hinges on one thing; WORDS.

What is it with candidates who don’t know how to leave the field once the game is over? Between Beto and Stacey, I’m not sure who wins the loser of the century award, but it’s a close tie. We have a few GOP folks who could take a lesson in standing down, but likely won’t, due to ego.

Sugar Babies, GSU is the capitol of sugar baby attendees. Girls who receive money to attend school. You’ll notice no one talks about the quid pro quo of all this. I mean, as an artist and minister, I too have had my share of benefactors and patrons, but there weren’t strings of any nefarious nature attached. Selling the college dream, we’re now teaching our girls how to prostitute themselves for a piece of paper. Sigh.

This conversation took an interesting turn today. I’m going to clue some of you in on the fantasy world of strippers. Not for the faint of heart.

Did the President over play his hand as POTUS when he declared prohibition on every Boeing 737 Max Jet was called out of the sky? We’re talking with Lance Toland Aviator and President/CEO of Lance Toland Aviation Insurance who can share some very powerful insights as to why we may be beating the bushes for devils unnecessarily.

Keisha. In an epic display of Jezebel theater, the Mayor of Atlanta entered the room filled with adoring fans this morning to tell us what she always does, a bucket of lies. Airport takeover? We could only be so lucky.

Am I running for Mayor? Well, let’s chat about that too.

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