Ga House Of Reps Mock Victims-Speaker Of GA House Gives Puss N Boots Performance, Cobb Dems Call For Less Aggressive anti-GANG Measures, Congress Coming For Guns- WSB

GA Speaker Of The House could have qualified for an Oscar today from the floor of the House. In a wild turn of events, the Speaker, who is accused of abusing his legislative power to stall hundreds of cases over the years, shed what some are calling ‘puss n boots’ tears.

Vehemently denying the accusation (in spite of countless documented cases) that he in any way could stoop so low as to obstruct justice, he accused ‘radio personalities’ of a ‘once reputable station’ of ‘yelling into microphones’ and calling him a ‘scumbag’. Admittedly, he fits the description if in fact, he’s holding up justice, but I have personally never referred to him as a scumbag on the air or off. The shot fired was at my colleague, Erick Erickson.

The accusation that somehow we as media are “capitalizing” on the afterglow of David Ralston’s political orgy is an abhorrent attempt to change the subject and further vilify victims. If someone’s capitalizing, it’s not US. If someone dumped a check in my account based on David Ralston coverage, let me know. I could use some new waders to wade through this complete sh*tshow of a legislative spectacle that will cost us in ways we can’t imagine.

As a father, husband, attorney and conservative with a soul, Erick has taken the call for removal of the Speaker very seriously and gone beyond complaining about it.

Erick has a system in place that would make most grass roots wanna be’s jealous. Seriously. You simply text SPEAKER to the number 345345 and viola! you have instant access to ACTION. Try it.

Erick is not the first to employ this very helpful tool in assisting busy constituents stay connected to the process of change. A viable tool utilized by many activist oriented groups who make being a concerned, voting, tax payer easy.

Again, give it a shot. It’s remarkably easy to contact your legislator tonight to tell them you are standing with the victims of Speaker Ralston’s delays of justice. Hiding behind legislation HE CRAFTED  that enables him to DELAY JUSTICE is not enough for a grown a** man to stand in the well of the House Of Representatives and play the victim in the face of earned ridicule. Enough already.

The only thing worse? His performance was met with wild applause. A standing ovation, actually. A man who has wasted years of victims’ lives by mocking justice, albeit ‘legally’, gas lighted the entire legislature and they applauded as wildly as the NY legislature when they decided to end life upon birth, recently.

Yes, this is your Republican and Democrat House Of Representatives standing with a habitual mocker of justice. And it’s for this reason you will lose your state in 2020. Don’t waste your dollars on Republican candidates who stood with David Ralston, they don’t represent you or you children or grandchildren. How can they?

David Ralston has single handedly staved off years of conservative social issues. He’s an establishment hack who governs via a bully pulpit. He panders, placates and ultimately leaves Republican voters wondering why we can’t get anything of social value moved. Hence why Democrats love him. If you have a chance to catch Erick’s hour ON DEMAND at WSB RADIO, it’s worth it.  The first hour and a half is dedicated to today’s shenanigans.

How weak does a leader have to be to whine and hide behind a radio host when called down for bad behavior? Sounds like a Democrat to me.

On to other news.. Speaking of weak democrats, Chairman of the Cobb Democratic Party along with the new Chairman of the legislative delegation have called upon Governor Brian Kemp to abandon his campaign promise to get tough on gangs in Ga. Yes, you read that right. Black, male democrats are crying for softer measures on gangs.

Don’t scratch your head just yet, it’s soooo simple.. think: slavery. It ALWAYS goes back to slavery. Identity politics works. For the dumb and dependent.

The NRA is calling upon you to step up and call your Congressmen to vote NO on HR8 and HR 1112. What are they? Well, the longview is pretty simply.. criminalizing you for owning a firearm.

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