GA Dem Females Seeking ” Testicular/Ejaculation Legislation” -Retribution For Heartbeat Bill, From the New Deal To Green Deals, Can We Expect Another Great Fall? – Unplugged

Just when you thought Democrat females of the GA Legislature couldn’t reach a new low, they take to slut shaming pregnant women by assuming child support will follow every woman considering abortion. You know, because she’s likely single and shackin’ up with multiple men. So, you get the paternity test at 6 weeks. FINE WITH ME. I CAN SAVE LIVES AND MY TAX DOLLARS FOR 60% OF GA BABIES BORN ON MEDICAID.

Not only do these legislative Jezebels mock men with this silly, punitive legislation, the lesbians too, have gotten on board to legislate a man’s ejaculation. If I’m lyin’, I’m fryin’. The woman accusing heterosexuals of trying to rape her straight is now calling for men over the age of 55 to report to their local Sheriff’s office upon ejaculation because they stand to risk the health of children they may sire. Yes folks, hell has come to Ga.

In a vile attempt to b*tch slap the men of Ga, feeble, vile females have taken the fight for life in the womb to a new low. It will only get worse so, prepare your hearts and more importantly, shield your kids from it.

I never use the term “broad” because I find it extremely demoralizing. In this case, it fits. These broads have completely lost their minds, complete with coat hangers and bleach in a show of defiance to those in support to life. The gates of hell are writhing with Jezebel’s rage. The good news? God wins.

From The New Deal to the Green Madness, how did we get here? Franklin D Roosevelt may have thought he was doing the nation a favor by creating the government industrial complex, but I think we can all see how fleeting the hand up was in remedying basic human nature.

Feeling a bit contemplative today.

Many people reaching out to me lately in abject dread of what’s to come. I like to look at things from a practical, historical and human standpoint. Of course at the root of all of my assumptions is my faith. It’s the only answer to everything that exalts itself above liberty and justice. In my desire to answer folks honestly, I decided to exercise a brief personal time of reflection to make sense of how we got to a nation headed for socialism and what we can do to prepare for our next economic implosion. It will come.

This is an unplugged show. I’ll be back in studio tomorrow.

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