Ga County Commissioner Seeks Racial “purity”, From Big Girls To Burkas SI Swimsuit Has Lost Its Mind, Love- Half Plus 7? , Men- Can Men Take Personal Inventory?- WSB

A listener reached out to ask me what I think about a 66 year old man with a 38 year woman. I answered with a question. What do YOU think about that? At last, hew admitted what I already knew, he’s the one getting married.

I think love doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have associated costs. I think older men are sometimes more equipped to take personal inventory and realize that gentleness with a woman and empathy/servitude will always fair better than getting, competition and moxy.

Different stages of life bring different perspectives and for the younger woman longing for a man who will care for her needs as a woman along with being a priority, this relationship can work out quite nicely. But what about when the man’s age becomes more apparent? What happens when 18 years apart or more, becomes a nurse/patient relationship? Can love prevail?

A Ga County has been founding wanting in the diversity department. What else is new? But here’s my rub, in light of a non profit bailing black women only out of jail for Mother’s Day, I don’t want to hear about white supremacy. That bird won’t fly here.

Oddly enough, the black gentleman discriminated against, isn’t offended by the revelations of his Mayor feeling as though her city his not ready for black leader. .(her words).. here’s my other rub, she can be found crying for the cameras about this discovery, but why? Why not just own how you really feel and what you really think?

I’ll tell you why, because we think we can shame, berate and otherwise castigate people, along with legal action when it comes to changing the landscape of their heart and mind and I’ll tell you what Jesus said about the law, it kills. The spirit of the law, brings life.

Sport Illustrated Swimwear has lost its mind IMHO. We’ve gone from a burka adorning model straight out of the religion of oppression to an obese model who is clearly oppressed by the Twinkie isle. I say this with love, I’m a Twinkie girl. But I’m not celebrating obesity. I’m not leading the charge for an inclusive, diversity campaign just to make being unhealthy, cool. Do we shame people to death? No. Do we celebrate an early death as beautiful inclusion? Hell no.

I have a very timely and sensitive word to share with you all. It rocked my day and I’m certain it will rock yours.

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