EXCLUSIVE- Dr. Alveda King Sets Record Straight On Racism In The White House And Reveals The TRUTH About Her Own Sexuality- WSB Radio

Evangelist Dr. Alveda King shares her latest visit with President Trump. Twenty inner city faith leaders from around the country visited with Donald Trump Monday at the White House to discuss the sanctity of life, prison reform, HUD, jobs and many other areas of the administration  that affect urban areas of the country.

In the midst of a verbal showdown on Twitter, the President has once again been accused by leaders ‘in name only‘ who represent a large black population of being a ‘racist’.

The term that keeps on giving. We can’t seem to escape its reach in the country silenced for 8 years of the Obama administration.

Al Sharpton, never late to a propaganda party, decided to jump on the bandwagon. In what can only be described as a relevancy campaign, Al, a one time friend of Donald Trump ( and recipient of rent), now claims as President, Donald Trump has suddenly become a racist. 

Dr. King shares some insight most of us don’t have access to and the answer to the current verbally violent warfare we find ourselves in regarding ‘race’. She answers the question of whether or not the President is in fact a racist and whether or not his Tweets are fanning the flames of white supremacists.

In a very transparent & vulnerable moment, Alveda shares intimate details about her personal life you will not hear anywhere else.

As a warrior of the Kingdom Of Light, she is no stranger to the repercussions of aligning with liberty. We say it regularly as church folk, but do we really know the cost associated with setting the captives free?

Are we really willing to pay the price regarding speculations and accusations surrounding our own reputation and honor? She will tell you exactly what she needs from you and how we can overcome this season of hell amid a time we should be celebrating our victories as a nation.

Covering other shenanigans of last eve.. tough choice for millions of Americans… tuning into the ‘slut shaming’ Bachelorette finale or the astral projection show down between Marianne Williamson and a stage filled with Democrats ill prepared for reality and completely out of touch of with the American heartbeat. Winner of last night’s debate? Donald J Trump.

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  • Karina Mejia says:

    Thank you for this. A holy spirit filled outlook on our nation’s current politics. A lot of young people are waking up (I’m 28). Keep talking, we are listening!

  • Sue Yeates says:

    What a wonderful segment. My wish is that thousands hear it!
    We need you Alveda King so much in this time of such controversy.
    Thank you both so much!
    God Bless you

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