Crossover Day Has Passed- What Lived & What died? Mr. P Gives The Breakdown & The Answer To All Societal Disparity- We May Have Found The Answer- WSB

Crossover day and the beehive was swarming. Bills were brought through one chamber in the hopes of making it to the other. What lived and what died? Mr. P brings his expertise (and time on Lawmakers) to the convo.

Why does this matter to you? Because this is your state and the law cares about you.

Today is National Book Day! What are you reading? Mr. P’s reading a great book “Braving The Wilderness” Brene Brown.

I love Brene’s work because she’s not only a researcher who shares empirical evidence but she lives her research and shares her own relatable stories of struggle and awakening with her audience.

I drew some parallels between a few of her findings and what we see happening in the world today with ‘race’, guns and the need to annihilate each other for the sake of saving our own a**.

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