Christ Is Risen- Resurrection- What Does That Mean? Senator David Perdue Gets Candid About Frustrations & Hope For Congress, Ralston- Too Big To Fall?- WSB

Resurrection Sunday. My favorite Christian commemoration.

A celebration of passing from death to life. Eternally.

A reminder to surrender in order to receive the gift of salvation that only love can offer in the way of His Son. Himself, personified.

The mysteries of GOD are so vast and so deep, I laugh at the scholarly who feel their convictions and studies are the end all be all, of a GOD who only vaguely shows us His face in its entirety. One thing I believe us common folk and scholars can agree on, is without being drawn of and to the Father through the atoning sacrifice of His Son, there’s no hope for anything, but eternal death. No thanks.

I will celebrate Pascha with my family and friends next week. It’s a calendar thing. Today is Orthodox Palm Sunday. We were reminded by the Priest that to surrender to Christ is to receive Him, not give unto him.

I might add to that, if I should be so bold and submit to you that once we receive, we are set free to give our whole selves to Him as a living sacrifice. He died that we may live.

This day also churns every desire I have to seek the mysteries of Christ and what happened in hell when he took the keys from death and said, I. WIN. Time to swim in some deeper waters of revelation where I feel most at home.

As Derek Somerville so eloquently put it this week as he prepared to bring forth over 2000 pages of evidence to delayed justice regarding Speaker Ralston, ” Monica, there’s no safer place to hide than in the truth“. Amen Derek. Psalm 51 would attest to that as well.

We all hide, don’t we? We hide behind masks, wounds, ego, fear, the past, the future, titles, success, holiness, wickedness. It’s hard wired with shame, envy, pride and fear. I wonder how much longer Speaker Ralston will hide behind the semantics of his willful negligence to fulfill his legal and Constitutional obligation to expedite a speedy trial in pursuit of justice for not only his clients, but those allegedly harmed by them? At this point, it’s between him and GOD and anyone willing to take the evidence Mr. Somerville set forth and walk it to its conclusion. Either way, today’s celebration of life tells us that GOD’s justice will indeed prevail. In that, I rest.

Senator Davide Perdue. The consummate southern gentleman, diplomatic politician, a welcomed guest. Say what you want about the Senator, it’s my belief he’s fighting the good fight for our farmers and any supporter of Donald Trump is an ally at this point. Consider the sick nature of Mitt Romney as of late and tell me again there aren’t enemies within our Constitutional camp.

Senator Perdue joined me this week to open up about the border crisis, hurricane aid and other hot topics. He was candid about the frustration and hope he has with and for, a Congress who seems hell bent on leaving the American people out to dry in the name of tyrannical chaos.

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I WISH someone would call me before Congress to share my FB woes as a Christian Conservative Commentator. It’s past time for someone to execute some anti trust law judgment and get this train back on its tracks.

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