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The economy is booming and more Americans are employed today than the past 30 years of economic good, bad and ugly. What is it about the American spirit that sets us apart as laboring goes? I dare say you can follow those roots back to our nation’s premise of property and rights aka the American Dream.

Think about what drives people to work. Shelter, sustenance and community. We are hard wired by our Creator, IMHO, to produce and see the fruits of our labor.

Don’t work – don’t eat was a common mantra in my house growing up. It was simple. How did we stray so far away from this base tenet of life? Robbing man of his ingenuity and hope with a constant flow of welfare is a reasonable place to start when attempting to unravel bloated state and federal budgets, academic debt loads, ‘forgiveness’ programs, free lunch for ALL kids in public school, addictions, homelessness and our newfound disdain for good ol’ fashioned work.

My callers today were GREAT and shared their stories of first jobs and lessons learned from them. Lots of laughter and a few sad moments.. never dull!

Offering a bit of advice for some of you struggling to find employment. A slump is just a season. Don’t make permanent decisions in a temporary crisis.

Mr. P is off this week and you know what that means… so am I. I will be LIVE this coming Sunday noon-2pm and look forward to our time together as always!

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