Can You Really Have It All? – Our Greatest Asset, UN Ambassador Haley, Steps Down, Rescuing Liberals In The #WalkAway Movement- Hurricane Michael Churns- WSB

Entering the station lot today, my stomach dropped out when I heard the words, ” United Nations Ambassador Niki Haley is resigning” …

Part of me, as a mother and fellow woman, knew deep down it had everything to do with the realization that we simply can’t have it all. I know that will irk some of you, but as women, we really can’t. Something and someone(s) will suffer the unintended consequences. My analysis goes to the heart of the woman who, along with the green light of the President, ushered the entire nation back onto the stage of international relations with respect and dignity. This was not the apology tour. She will be hard to replace. I’ll share my thoughts on who I think the President would be wise to choose in a time of Kavanaugh meltdowns.

The Walk Away movement is much more than a hashtag. Not to be confused with #metoo, democrats who are finally waking up to  their autonomy are going to need a ‘safe space’ to land. I’m going a little deeper. This is a moment in socio-political history we can’t afford to miss.

Last day to register to vote!! The Dems are rallied. Buses, money and food hit the ground to round people up to vote on behalf of dead policies. Get it done Republicans!

Hurricane Michael churns. Get your supplies now Georgians.

Hit  Play!


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