Bypassing Due Process- Hospitals Seek Your Tax Return To Pay Bill – WSB

HB 81 is making its way through the legislature to ensure that your hospital bills are paid. At least in hospitals operated by a government authority.

Some Georgians have mastered the art of using an emergency room as their drive-through doctor. I’ve done it. And it’s costly.

When down and out and sick with heart issues, I didn’t have another option. I did however, get with the billing department and apply for their broke, busted and disgusted discount, but many people don’t. They simply come back the next time something ails them.

Medical bills are top reason for bankruptcy. Thankfully, I toughed it out and never went that route. I also became more prosperous and purchased coverage that I could afford in the event an emergency. I wanted to make sure my bills didn’t become someone else’s tax burden. But that mentality was directly informed by my faith that tells me to care for my temple and my health and to pay my own bills. It requires leaving a poverty mindset behind.

I kind of smirk thinking about the correlation between open borders and unpaid hospital bills. In a day and age where the left breeds FREE narratives for everything from education and housing to healthcare, is it really any wonder that this is the public we’ve created? The entitled. The irresponsible. The ‘we don’t have to learn to fish because you keep feeding us’, society. A hospital, like a nation, has expenses. That wondrous money tree on the White House lawn dried up when the Obama gods moved out and n0w someone’s gotta pay.

Since we are pain/pleasure creatures, maybe penalizing people for unpaid hospital bills by holding their tax refunds hostage is the way to go? Hm.

The thought of a hospital having a right to bypass any due process to attach to your tax returns should be scary to you and worth calling your legislators over.

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