Atlanta City Council Declares Atlanta Sanctuary City, FBI Nabs Another DeKalb Official- Shocking, Trump Admin To Cut EDU Budget, A Male Vagina Made of Talapia- WSB

Education Secretary Betsy Devos has had her hands full since accepting the thankless job of gutting excessive and duplicative spending within the industry of education. Regularly accused of not caring about the poor black kids across the nation, this once poor mother  (me) argues the case that my kid’s summer plans are not the tax payer’s problem. It goes deeper.

The FBI arrested a former DeKalb Commissioner this morning. Her attorney said the arrest was unnecessary because… wait for it, she’s someone’s Aunt. Well, Ted Bundy was someone’s father. I mean, COME. ON.  You have to ask yourself where we are headed when the world of law is subjective and those above it are subjected to it unless black and female. No, really. Extortion’s a pretty big deal as is taking bribes for contracts. You’d think we would learn after watching a few other folks hit the iron gates of glory, but nope. It’s a right of passage in the city of Atlanta and surrounding counties. ESP if you are part of the sister or brotherhood of the fraternal order of it ain’t my fault. The APS crooks are STILL trying to overturn their convictions. The gall.

Speaking of crooks. The fearless Atlanta City Council FINALLY admits to being what we all knew to be true, a SANCTUARY CITY. Albeit, in a strange twist of events, it’s not for immigrants, but women who want sanctuary for their vaginas and the right to murder their unborn children.

Led by none other than freshman council member Amir Farokhi, the council voted 13-0 to defy the newly adopted life bill of Ga.They will refuse to hold physicians illegally performing abortions accountable to the newly passed law.

I have a few thoughts about this gross overreach of on behalf of folks who can’t keep their hands out of cookie jars long enough to pave my streets, much less attempt to shame me or my fellow life loving, tax paying citizens with a half- assed resolution passed by a council of democrats leading my city to death, hell and bankruptcy.

And just when you thought you had heard it all, a MAN has had a vaginal implant made by none other than… FISH- tilapia to be exact.

The jokes…

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