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I’ve been widowed for a little over twenty years. I’ve seen it all, heard it all and thankfully, not fallen prey to it all. But that’s not because it isn’t easy to be fooled. Desperate people do desperate things, but so do hopeful people.

One woman found out the hard way that a profession of love and empty promises were par for the course for one dating crook who has taken her for 80 thousand dollars. He’s wanted in four other states for the same ratchetness. Before you judge our damsel, I want to tell you a few of my own ideas, especially for those of you with single aging parents. These two met on MATCH.

In less than two working days, the Atlanta City Council has vowed to obstruct justice in the way of not upholding the newly passed Life Bill of Ga along with socializing medicine in the name of philanthropy. It’s a little less philanthropic when you’re voluntold to do something with your taxes that include paying for others’ promiscuity.

I’m literally on fire today. The gall this so called mayor has to obstruct law and order in the way of illegals and ICE along with her vile, divisive black everything mantras followed by hashtags of unity, have me at an all time high of action. Your girl’s busy. Money is a beautiful thing when it comes to unseating dead weights in city government. And Keisha is dead weight. So is your city council. A group of liberals hell bent on taking Atlanta back to the ashes from whence we were once rising.

Allocating 100K of Atlanta’s tax money toward an HIV program is basically two slaps. One, to the tax payer. Two, to the gay and poor black community who think she actually gives a rip about their mortality. How can she? You can’t pay for glory hole activity and fund promiscuity and care about people’s lives. Impossible.

What is a glory hole? Well, I’m going to tell you and guess what? It’s not pretty. It’s a common practice in the gay community. It’s vile, it’s insane and leads to death. We are better than this. Maybe people need to hear they are better than this to end the cycle of anything goes while at everyone else’s expense.

There’s nothing normal or loving about sticking your penis into a hole in a public establishment for a stranger to utilize while spreading deadly diseases. She likes to tout helping at risk youth with this program as well. Well let me ask you something, why are our youth at risk for HIV? I’ll tell you why, if the black culture isn’t fighting to kill their offspring with abortion, they are saying okay to promiscuity through music and culture.

Their heroes are scumbags who pimp women on stripper poles, while paying for lap dances from your 18 year old black bi-sexual young women. That’s why. It’s sick and if no one else gives a damn about our youth and this insanity, I do and I’m not afraid to talk about it to hold these crooked elected maniacs accountable. She needs to go. So does your entire council. Or I promise you Atlanta will become Seattle, San Francisco or Oregon. Mark it down. Democrat leadership leads to death, hell and destruction everywhere their feet tread. STAND UP Conservatives. Every life matters.

Adjectives abound.

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