Archdiocese of Atlanta/Boy Scouts of America — Harboring Pedophiles, Finds Friends in Ga Senate?

I know. I know. It’s almost like reading “Beer, baseball and hotdogs cause Cancer!

Our favorite trusted national identity markers of faith, sports and merit badges are on the accountability chopping block (once again) for the unthinkable to most decent human beings. But it’s true. A malignant narcissism is attempting to partner with our legislature to ensure justice may never be served.

Four hours. A box of tissue. A patient and kind Producer. Courage. Prayer. Love. Trust.

That’s what it took me to record this broadcast. This wasn’t a show.

I’ve spent many hours in contemplation, bed and prayer after hearing the testimony of victims of this nature at the State Capitol. Not because our stories are so different, but because I finally found my people.

I’m not one to show up for support groups. I don’t wear my past like a badge of special class. Honestly, I don’t much think about it. Until.

Until, a special person comes into my life. A special person leaves. I doubt my ability to make the ‘right’ decision. I wonder if Christ’s blood really is enough to wash the dirt I feel, regularly. I doubt my beauty and worth and wonder if I will ever truly feel okay. About me.

It’s a lifelong battle for my life. To believe truth instead of lies that were thrust upon me during my formative years. It’s a miracle I’m not an addiction statistic. Partnering with the author of Truth helps. And standing for justice is my privilege and duty.

Listening to fellow survivors of soul theft, left me with a grief I did not know was there and a peace about myself and my life I didn’t know was possible. 170 state legislators concurred something needs to change in Ga. And now.

As a parent survivor, I did the following: I did NOT make everyone scary.

We didn’t live stranger danger every second of the day as much as, personal sovereignty of space. It was CRYSTAL CLEAR that her space was hers. Her body was off limits to ANY adults and kids alike. Slumber parties were at MY house.

She was empowered. And she didn’t even know it.

Rule number one in our house: NO SECRETS. She knew if someone, including family and friends, asked her to keep a secret, it was time to tell mommy. And she did.

I was her safe haven. I was mama. She knew I would save the day if ANYONE breeched that sacred perimeter of safe space called her body or asked her to enter theirs. She wasn’t scared and we never had an issue. Until college.

Yes, the breeding ground for bad parenting come to roost. 19 years of keeping her from my reality and that damned enemy was waiting in the face of a trusted dorm mate.

It’s a culture. Robbing people of their sovereignty. And it’s an industry. A lucrative one.

If I shared with you WHO is involved in this cabal of evil, you may never believe me at best and at worst, you would lose all faith in elected officials, church and civic orgs that beg for your money week after week to provide a safe place for your kids to grow and learn and share community. Until it’s not safe and the hidden predator is moved to your troup, perish or coaching staff, at the suggestion of said entity.

Don’t be afraid. WAKE UP.

There are now many resources to help parents who are just afraid of seeming hysterical. But know this, apathy is not a strategy. Being Southern and polite about indiscretion is irresponsible and co-dependent with an over sexualized world.

You can find a few resources HERE

As for HB605, it appears the hard core lobbying has begun to interfere with victims’ ability to pursue civil justice for having their young lives ripped out from under them.

While an astonishing UNANIMOUS vote passed in the House Of Representatives (largely thanks to Rep Bert Reeves tireless efforts to strike a balance in process and justice)  HB605 better known as The HIDDEN Predator Act, (emphasis mine) is now in the Senate.

And may die there along with any justice for victims whose lives were literally molested/raped as children. You can read more about some of these vile cases HERE.

Molestation, pedophilia, trafficking  may in fact represent the most reprehensible crimes committed against innocent children, it appears our Senate may need another compelling reason to hold entities accountable for KNOWINGLY AND WILLFULLY hiding predators within their ranks. Imagine.

Now what could possibly persuade a man or woman of  integrity to err on the side of pedophiles by setting this legislation up to DIE?

Glad you asked.

I can name few: The Insurance lobby, CHURCH, Chamber Of Commerce and Civic Orgs (still in business after providing evidence, STACKS OF FILES to be exact, of KNOWN predators within their ranks they moved around their organizations entrusted to protect and foster little lives) 

Yes, I said Church. I want you to read the article attached HERE to understand the Catholics are only a part of this sick cabal.

I suppose one could also be tempted to err on the side of pedophiles if say, their law partner was defending one of the organizations accused of housing and protecting pedophiles over the years.

– Sen. Bill Cowsert, the vice chairman of the committee, told the AJC earlier this week that he had no opinion about the bill, though he said he’d been approached by advocates on both sides.

Cowsert didn’t name opponents, but identified one supporter, Darren Penn, a former president of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association. Cowsert said Penn has a personal stake because he represents alleged victims of sexual abuse and “is trying to alter the law to assist his cases.”

Cowsert, R-Athens, did not reveal that his law firm, Cowsert Heath in Athens, is defending the Boy Scouts and several churches in a sexual abuse suit in which Penn is representing the plaintiff.AJC 

 HERE  for full story.

Or maybe because you sit or formerly sat, on the Board of the Boy Scouts Of America. (Sen Kennedy/Sen Stone)

Or maybe it’s because your family member is a member of the clergy and you just can’t turn your back on them to serve God and justice. (Sen Ligon)

I don’t know, but maybe. It’s simply a possibility.

Yes, it’s sick, twisted, convoluted and war. This is war. I’ve been warned about the depth of evil that exists on these levels while pursuing justice. People have died attempting to shine light on this industry of raping and trafficking children from our churches to civic clubs and beyond.

Let it be known, I’m not scared. Hell hath no fury like a woman who had her own innocence stolen and no weapon formed against me will prosper. Period. I may make powerful enemies, but I only need ONE ally.

My justice has been served. There are no entities to hold accountable for the multiple intrusions upon my body and life. I’m not a rabid, hysterical victim. I’ve spent my entire life overcoming what was done to me. What was stolen from me. I will NOT sit idly by and watch as men and women politically posture while other people robbed like me, agonize over the injustices that have seemingly prevailed against them.

Will money solve a victim’s issues? It will certainly help offset years of counseling costs or addiction services or trips to the hospital for various infections and mysterious aches and pains because their immune system has lived in trauma for so many years.

Yes, this is the life of most molested children as adults. We won’t even discuss the relational costs in the way of destroyed families and generational burdens.

Monetary reparations are a starting point for someone to actually validate that something was STOLEN from them. You can’t return someone’s innocence. That’s why the Bible is very clear about what should rather happen to someone who hurts one of his little ones.

According to House Sub Committee Testimony, attorneys for the accused sanctuary entities harboring pedophiles LAUGH at the hands of justice being tied due to statute of limitations. THIS bill would leave these entities to defend their actions of covering up sexual abuse of children. It would COST them.

And until it does, in the way of reparations and reputation, YOUR kids and grandkids are at risk for being exposed to a molester. Thank about that the next time you drop them off for a camping trip or youth night. This isn’t fear mongering, it’s REALITY.

It appears some of our Senators have hardened their hearts to the cries of justice. I admonish you to call and write until this bill passes this Senate EXACTLY as it is. Not ONE WORD altered.

Again if 170 House members can agree to it, the Senate is left with zero excuse to uphold justice in a balanced manner.  Zero.

As a Christian, I am sickened by the apathy involved in this legislation on behalf of orgs who SHOULD at the very least, be actively lobbying FOR this bill. As written.

Men and women I’ve respected, have reminded me of how hypocritical we really can be when our money, position, and reputations are on the line. If I didn’t know God wasn’t guilty for the sins of his church, I’d leave the church altogether over this. No kidding.


You can find your Senator HERE

You can read the bill HERE 

Email or call. Every correspondence is logged. HB605 PASS

Don’t be afraid. Do something. Call tomorrow and until the bill passes AS IS.



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