APS Screws The Pooch- Keisha Holding 10M Check For Gulch Scheme- UGA Student Shot- Black Youth Suspect, Bernie Sanders Desperate For Votes- Yes, I’m Running For Office- Unplugged WSB

Mr. P is out on vacay this week.

It’s you and me. No music, no audio clips, no frills. Just like the old days of my podcasting. It’s good to go back to bare bones sometimes.

Speaking of bare bones. Mayor of Atlanta- Keisha wooed the panties right off of our APS Superintendent regarding the Gulch Deal (which was against the city charter, but who’s keeping score?) Yep. We warned Meria that she would be selling her soul and the education of our children for another crap deal to the great political pimps of the City of Atlanta. And guess what? We were right.

She’s waiting for a 10M dollar check to make its way to her desk. Meanwhile, kids and teachers carry on with sub par pay and educational opportunities and guess what THAT breeds? Criminals.

If I were a gang leader, I’d become a school bus driver and fish from the small pond. Seriously, it’s that easy. These kids don’t stand a chance. You have to ask yourself, why? Well, that’s easy too. Greed, gain, pride, notoriety. A pervasive attitude of “I deserve it.. because….” insert any number of melanin, hair, name, lineage reasons and you’ll arrive at how ALL of America pays for the morally bankrupt in leadership whose name is followed by a D.

Sure, Republicans have stood in the way of  vouchers and school choice too because let’s face it, education is one of a honey pot. A population control mechanism. It keeps the government in business. Whoever feeds our kids’ bellies, minds and souls will have their loyalty for an entire generation. Welcome to America in 2019. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. 2024 will be the actual rodeo.

So, what does an unsuspecting UGA student have in common with the Mayor of Atlanta, APS and all the race baiters of our time? HIs life was nearly taken by one of their offspring. The offspring of poverty and violence. The spawn of a viciously broken system hell bent on sending ‘low level’ criminals to the time out corner of the city or county jail while waiting to be fitted for the ankle monitor no one watches.

Yes, the perp who shot a college kid is a kid himself. A black male with a ‘low level’ criminal history that escalated to armed robbery and what could have ended in a murder. But hey, we need to be nicer to folks who are raised without a compass, cause you know, it’s racist to hold our elected frauds accountable while demanding more from our youth in the way of standards of decency and order of law.

Bernie Sanders also comes from the school of thought that even terrorists have a right to have their voice heard, in the way of the VOTE. The party of desperation making desperate choices. And YOU are going to have to stand and vote like your life depends on it. Because it does.

Yes, I threw my name in the hat for First Vice Chair of GAGOP as of last Friday. Tomorrow, I’ll share why and some of the details I’ve learned in the seven short days since I was asked to run. I know more about our brokenness now than I ever have. And you should know what’s really going on and what you can do about it.

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