Abrams Out On Senate Run, Venezuela Uprising- US In Position For Same Fall, Relationships- WSB

At the beach this week, but never fear, I’m taking you with me!

R & R is crucial to our survival. When’s the last time you took some time to reflect, rest and reconnect?

Loss is a real thing for all of us. I revisited my husband’s 20th home going this weekend. Thankfully, Pascha was the reason for the season, so I can rest in knowing he is with our Lord and will rise again.

Relationships always bring loss. They also bring addition and change. Loss can come in the way of dying to self, old ways of thinking and feeling. It can also come with the loss of self idolization and protection. But the additions relationships can bring are an abundance of opportunity to yield to mercy, grace, selflessness, understanding and connection. Sadly, we don’t always choose to give up those things that no longer serve us to allow for new things to usher in beauty and liberty. This can be in interpersonal relationships as well as, societal.

What are you willing to give up to obtain connection with others? Binary thinking has led to many divorces and regime coups.

Stacey Abrams, the joke of politics at this point, has announced she will not seek Sen David Perdue’s seat. Great. Now what? My personal opinion is simply, who cares? But I have a broader perspective I’ll share in this broadcast along with who you can watch to put their name in the hat now that Stacey is off to another coy political field.

Venezuela is on the front page of every news outlet. POTUS has vowed to use the full weight of our nation against the Maduro regime. But I wanted to know how we got here. How did this modern day Rome occur? Can we expect to follow? All the indicators are there…A house or nation built on humanism and secularism, without the worship of a sovereign GOD of liberty, will fall.  Spiri-Socio-Politics 101.

Remember, there’s no distance in the spirit.

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