A Personal Message For Kneeling Cheerleaders of KSU- Unplugged

Kneeling Cheerleaders.

KSU has implemented an off the field during anthem policy, (so twisted) but the five young ladies boycotting the flag say they will persist with their behavior.. this may be in GA for now, but YOUR state is not exempt from the Eminem message of the day.. Whitey sucks and so does Trump. Sigh. ( I think he forgot he’s white)

As a patriot, I don’t accept publicly funded Universities allowing students to take a blatant stand against our nation at sporting events. If you want to be a social warrior, I have a few pointers to satisfy that desire.. you may not like em’, but… that’s never stopped me.

As a mama of a bi-racial child, I’ve had the ‘standing in solidarity’ conversation during college and you might surprised by the outcome of that.. but if you know me, chances are you know how that ended in my home…Let’s touch that funny bone. You know you could use a laugh.

We need to chat.


Take a STAND in these. 

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