A Packed Show- Life Bill, GA GOP Shenanigans, Uber/Lyft Strike, AG Barr Congressional Contempt, Personal Agency- WSB

First day back to Facebook LIVE and I’m feeling like arsh. (You can catch me there Mon-Thurs 11am) I’m just being real. This head cold stuff wears me out. But the only thing I hate worse than being sick is being stuck in my house. Sooooo.. I gave it the ol’ team try and an hour and ten minutes later, my lungs said.. enough!

Today would be considered on air alphabet soup. There’s so much to cover including what we were watching LIVE in the studio in the way of the Congressional poopshow to hold AG Barr in contempt of Congress.. Absolutely insane.

Dems are moving the ball, the goalposts and the entire field to accommodate their new blood sport of obstruction, lies, and conspiracy theories held in the Congressional courts of partisanship and hatred for all things American. Yes, the Democrats believe with all their hearts they are leading the charge of justice by obstructing it. Can’t make this stuff up.

With the Ga GOP State Convention a week away, I want to address some key issues, I hope our delegates will consider when  voting for their Chairman. This is not the time for ‘he’s my friend and it’s his turn’ crap. 2020 is too consequential for us to play with the lives of Ga voters.

Uber and Lyft have begun their 24 hour strike. As far as I know, they don’t have a bad deal. Upset with the company’s bottom line? Become a shareholder or find another job. This is America.  For now.

I wanted to touch on personal agency today in light of the fact that it’s summer camp season and you will need to not only be smart, but arm your children with sound principles of what their personal space is.

There’s no excuse for you not to know who is in proximity to your little people. We have access to info. Use it. Don’t send your kids out in fear and don ‘t send them out as prey. Be sober about this subject and just know that pedophiles come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors. They are soft target kind of predators. They speak Christian, they speak peace, love and harmony. This isn’t creepy talk time, this is you setting yourself up as your kid’s hero.

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