1 Twitter Question- 4,000+ Responses In 24hrs- Could You Date Someone With Opposing Political Views? , Drag Kids- Social Pedophilia? – WSB LIVE

My daughter was recently chided by her liberal friends for dating a conservative. Instead of being offended, she decided to get to the bottom of this relatively new phenom called complete intolerance for others’ political views.

She wanted to know if politics had taken the place of religion in the relationship department. As a Christian, she’s suffered the same chastisement from friends who vehemently defend Paul’s admonition to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

She took to Instagram and I took to Twitter. Within a matter of hours, my question went viral. I’m truly astounded by the level of engagement from such a simple question. It screams to me that we are more in tune than ever to our constant struggle to find common ground.

90% of those Tweets said they would NEVER date outside of the respective political group and most of those are conservatives. At least 40% of those said 10 or 20 years ago they would have considered it and many who had dated outside of their party were now married and had either come to an agreement to not discuss politics or simply keep first things first as it relates to every day life. Ir was working for them.

I highly encourage you to READ the Tweets. They are still rolling in. The broadcast today was lively to say the least! We had a caller who brought it all home for us in the most basic way… fi someone’s hot enough, it’s politics be damned for most men ( and a few women). Being widowed for the past twenty years, I’ve dated my fair share of different folks. Now that I’m completely immersed in politics and have tried to date someone outside of my political base, I know for certain, if the person’s emotions and identity are tied to their political beliefs and the respect for YOUR autonomy isn’t a priority by them, you can call it a day.

I also wanted to draw your attention to the modern day hero of the LGBTQ Corporate cabal, Desmond The Drag Kid. Yes. Our children are now exploited sexually, for entertainment value.

A ten year old CHILD has been hailed on Good Morning America and many other outlets, as a courageous champion for transgenders and drag queens around the country. Canada has produced a kid drag documentary, you can watch it HERE.

Other than the entity of the LGBTQ Corp behind this movement, I didn’t want to make this a homosexual issue. I would honestly like to know how homosexual parents feel about this new movement, as a PARENT. A parent who is supposed to protect the innocence of their child(ren).

How does any parent justify sexualizing their CHILD while federal and local agencies spend countless hours locating and saving our kids from predators of this nature. Yes, I’m saying any parent who is okay with truly marginalizing their kids’ life and feeding them to the lusts of the world in the name of entertainment, is equal to a pedophile and should be dealt with as such according to the laws set in place to protect our kids.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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