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Senior Planner and Investment Advisor

As a single widowed mother of 17 years, I can tell you first hand, my stories about money are enough to keep us all in tears or laughing, but in the end, the Lord has ALWAYS provided. Always. Whether through the generosity of others or teaching me how to make things stretch and work to keep the lights on. It’s been rough.

I’d like to save some of you the year of heartache around money. Some things are just unnecessary. Poor decision making is one of those unnecessary things.

There are many voices in the earth regarding money. I chose Mike Sena to speak to your hearts and minds because unlike pure information givers or the financial ‘shamers’, he’s a man who understands people and the propensity to simply make human choices.

Mike brings humor, reality and forgiveness to less than stellar financial choices some of us have made. If that’s you, tune in. It’s time for your freedom in this area.

As heard on my weekly show, Mike Sena shares years of financial knowledge. He begins with YOUR story. YOUR goals for a prosperous life. A great story teller, Mike’s emphasis is on you and your relationship to and with money.

I believe money is a source of blessing to bless our own families and others. Poverty is a spirit and mindset that needs revamping and overcoming.

Reach out to Mike Sena directly with any questions you may have regarding your financial needs and goals.

Dr. Joe Esposito DC, BS, DABCO, DCBCN

Author, Radio Tost, Television Nutritional Consultant

He is an energetic and authoritative speaker on wellness and peak performance. He is an award-winning author, a nationally recognized syndicated radio host, television nutritional consultant and pioneer in the field of nutrition, health and longevity.

His philosophy is to show you how to lead a happier, healthier and longer life by teaching you practical take home information.

Anthony Flynn CEO/Founder The Gifted Education Foundation

Born to a 17-year-old single mother in Memphis, TN, Flynn’s early years were marked by upheaval and transition. However several mentors, including two of his teachers, inspired his hunger for education, encouraging him toward college completion and sparking the legacy he aspires to leave behind.

After six years of corporate experience with business giants including Kraft Foods, RJ Reynolds and 3M, he felt called to leave corporate America. He joined the founding team of a church plant in Memphis where he birthed a high school ministry that served more than 10,000 low-income students and generated almost $500,000 in grants to support educational initiatives in four years.

In July 2007, he relocated to Southern California and partnered with Urban Youth Workers Institute, a nonprofit organization recognized for training more than 23,000 student pastors in over 30 cities during his tenure as President/COO. Anthony made the decision to launch The Gifted Education Foundation, in February 2012, for the sake of eradicating generational poverty and deploying the next generation of marketplace leaders.

Must Read!

youwillbemadetocare3d-1Erick Erickson and Bill Blankschaen deliver this MUST READ—You Will Be Made to Care.

An amazing, timely new book that will explain why religious liberties are on the chopping block and who (Ephesians 6:12) is leading the charge.


Exciting New Read by Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander!

The talented award winning singer/songwriter Christy Sutherand!

The talented award winning singer/songwriter Christy Sutherland!  BUY TODAY!

Dove Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Actress

Dove Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Actress Check Her Out!

My Friend Smorgasboard

Be In Health — A must for anyone dealing with disease of a chronic or terminal nature.

Meghan McMullan — She keeps my hair pretty!!

My Space Page Evzone Music —Music of George Skaroulis! Grammy nominated thanks to him!

Susan Merrill – Author, Founder of iMOM -Resources abound!

Family First – Marriage Resource GALORE!

Gay Yellow Pages

For my friends in the homosexual community who feel they have been slighted by individuals who cite faith as a reason for not servicing wedding industry needs, I would like to encourage you to save yourself and the taxpayers money and simply click here for amazingly talented individuals who are like-minded and will honor your day with joy and enthusiasm. Easy breezy. Remember, litigation will never legitimate anything other than bank accounts and further serve the disparity perpetuated by various organization established as vehicles to further alienate us one from another. I won’t name names, but think Acronym Police. YOU ARE MORE THAN AN ACRONYM. xo

God Bless!