BREAKING: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills Responds To Angry Lawmakers- WSB

Amid strong words of condemnation from a few lawmakers of the Ga General Assembly for Sheriff Sills’ comparison of Governor Nathan Deal to Lucifer, I wanted to give Sheriff Sills a place to explain the passion behind those words.

I know it’s popular to ‘condemn’ others and while some statements are worth scrutiny, I’m personally tired of not hearing the whole story behind someone’s proverbial public conviction and subsequent execution.

A man with over forty years of service in law enforcement deserves to put reason behind such a passionate statement. A fellow pragmatist and respecter of the law, I find it somewhat disingenuous to hold one-sided court during the legislative session without the public having proper context. We can all agree some things are better left unsaid.

He offers a candid and honest response to his accusers.



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